Foreign media disclosure Snowden how to escape from Hongkong asylum for Refugees

Foreign media disclosure Snowden how to escape from Hongkong: Asylum asylum for refugees, Snowden. Picture Reference News Network September 8 news media said, in order to avoid the arrest, Snowden’s secret plan like from the spy thriller plot. According to the Canadian national "post" website reported on September 6th, this dress in black tall, thin man looks familiar. But Ajit — a refuge in Hongkong at the age of 44 Sri Lankan refugees — estimated that this in Kowloon, the United Nations apartment "night on tenterhooks and nervous man is an American deserter. Ajit was a soldier in Sri lanka. Late on June 10, 2013, he was summoned by his immigration lawyer. He was told that the unidentified man was "well known" and needed "protection". Ajit will be responsible for the secret transfer of the american. Recently, Ajit accepted the "National Post" interview with reporters in Hongkong Kennedy Town recalled: "I am very happy to help him. The celebrity is also a refugee, like me." The lawyer planning action hiding earlier in the day, the famous "29 year old young people out of the Miramar Hotel in Kowloon, and sparked a tight global manhunt. Since 9, after the 11 event of the Al Qaeda leader bin Laden to carry out raids, is the first time such a large-scale manhunt. Edward, former US intelligence contractor employee, has become the world’s number one Fugitive in the world. Previously, he exposed a series of confidential documents to the media, the documents described in detail the U.S. government for its citizens and other countries in the world a huge spy network. To avoid the long arm of the US Justice Department, the man responsible for the country’s biggest national security leak in the United States has hired a Canadian lawyer in Hongkong. The lawyer has worked out a plan, including a visit to the United Nations office. There, the North Carolina man applied for refugee status in order to avoid extradition to the United states. Worried about the media crowd, will follow Snowden – it will give Hongkong authorities are more likely to represent the United States — the man arrested former CIA analyst, the lawyer told him from June 10th to June 23rd almost does not show up, after he appeared in the International Airlines flight to Moscow russia. Today, he is still trapped in Russia, equivalent to self exile. The leaker chief lawyer in Hongkong Robert Thibault said in an interview: "in the morning, I only have a few minutes to think, how to let him go to the United Nations, to escape the media, fled the American government to influence the." It was the first time he had spoken of the turbulent days of Snowden’s escape three years ago. "They want the data. They want to lock him up. Our biggest concern is that Snowden will be found." To avoid the arrest, Snowden’s secret plan like from the spy thriller plot. The fugitive in disguise, wearing dark glasses and hats, two lawyers overnight to shelter. It is located in the crowded, poor fringe of Hongkong. Snowden 5相关的主题文章: