Foreign exchange market is facing a storm And this may be implicated in agricultural products –

Foreign exchange market is facing a storm? And this may be implicated in agricultural products – in the face of the recent financial Sohu subdued the foreign exchange market, the industry warned, do not expect this state will continue for a long time, the coming storm is brewing, and agricultural products will also be deeply implicated. On Thursday, the Bank of England said there might be another cut in interest rates in the year, followed by the pound against the u.s.. Agricultural information website agrimoney quoted ADM Investor Services London foreign exchange chief Eddie Tofpik said that this does not represent the future of currencies will not be a big change, "we may not be in the eye of the storm now, but came on the eve of the increasing activities." Tofpik said, the market is very stable, but don’t expect this will continue, the U.S. presidential election will be the first visible risk event next, "regardless of who wins the White House, the market will respond." By the beginning of next year, the UK may start triggering the fiftieth terms of the EU treaty, which officially started the process of returning europe. Subsequently, the election of Germany and France and other countries, will also cause significant geopolitical uncertainty. Tofpik said, as these events have occurred, as the world’s largest market, foreign exchange market will be the first to respond, but the foreign exchange market reaction will jointly bring significant impact on other asset prices, including the price of agricultural products. Tofpik said that in the sugar market, the price of the currency of Brazil is extremely sensitive to Real. Because Brazil is the main production and export country, if the appreciation of Real, then the dollar denominated price of sugar will rise; Malaysia ringgit for palm oil is similar. If investors do not turn a blind eye to the exchange rate risk of agricultural products, the hard earned income may be due to the sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate and instant evaporation. But on the contrary, if can play forward, so in addition to product traders can gain a new profit source. For example, Tofpik said that in Europe there are traders from farms to buy agricultural products, and in the UK and other European countries to trade between, but the main source of profit is the exchange market. They are familiar with the price of agricultural products, the cost of shipping between Britain and Europe, but focus on the exchange rate, because this is their source of profit.相关的主题文章: