For Esl Learners – Stategies To Study English Quickly 1-mentalist

Reference-and-Education There are some techniques you can use to increase your spelling accuracy. If you apply these tips you will improve your spelling and, therefore, your ability to .municate in English. You do want to learn English easily, and you do want to know how. Learn English easily online programs are your best bet to to get there fast and stress free. Many of these programs offer video, written and audio lessons that can be used anywhere, anytime. They also .e with personal one on one training with a mentor. They are cheap and easily downloadable. Sound it out. Although it is true that English words are not necessarily spelled the way they sound, many, many English words are. Say the word carefully and write down the letters which go with the sounds. The majority of the most .monly used words in English are phonetically spelled. You’ll be glad to know that spelling champions use this technique when faced with a challenging word! Ask your buddies or family to speak and reply in English( best method ) Unless you really don’t want anyone to know that you are learning English through an online course, you can search out another person who is also learning the language. Then you can be.e study buddies practicing speaking the language with each other. It would be excellent if you have a friend that speaks English to help you because then this person can help you correct your mistakes in grammar and in pronunciation. Practice spelling daily. Like so many skills in life, the more you practice the skill, the better you be.e at doing it. Spelling is no different. One way to do this is to post a new word on your mirror each day. Study it when you are brushing your teeth. Then jot it down on a slip of paper and put it in your wallet. Pull out your slip of paper while you are riding the bus or waiting in a line. Practice saying the word to yourself and then spelling it. Devoting some of your time to learning to spell will improve your spelling. The TOEFL Test: TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is a test used by many colleges, universities, government agencies and exchange and scholarship programs in the US, UK and Canada as a means of evaluating the language skills of a person whose first language is not English. You can find TOEFL study guides easily online with other re.mended resources listed. You may be able to access some of the sample tests and prepare with personal study. Or you may look for a class with an instructor to help you prepare for the test. Watch English TV, especially the educational programs for children. This is one of the best ways of immersing yourself in the language and learning in the same way as beginning English speakers. Listening to the speech is one of the easiest ways of picking up the language. You get to learn what the words mean and the proper way of pronouncing them. Reading is another way of learning the language, especially if you start with beginning books for children because these books have illustrations to ac.pany all the words. Thus you learn from pictures as well as the words. Online courses have these .ponents in the reading sections and the flash cards. Private Tutors: Another popular method of learning English is with private tutors. The materials and methods used by ESL tutors will vary greatly and it is important to establish what material will be used and to feel .fortable with the tutor. Asking friends or other students for references can be helpful in finding a good tutor. Word Order: Here is the usual word order in any English sentence – subject-verb-object-place-time Example: I placed a lamp on the table today. English is not an impossible language to learn, but it takes hard work and motivation. Give yourself a pat on the back for being brave enough to focus on learning a new language." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: