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Football, Guangzhou gave the world a name card – Society – – who played Guangzhou Hengda club Taobao star conca. – Lippi was a rival coach. Hengda coach Scolari -. In September 18, 2016, Alan celebrates after scoring with galat. In September 21, 2016, the game, Guangzhou Hengda players Paulinho to win a penalty after the roar. Three years AFC Champions League won two champions, Guangzhou football dominated Asia, another economic and cultural boom the world’s top players into Taobao Hengda football club, as China bring excitement and even in the world of Guangzhou Hengda Football Club Taobao return to Asia first club position, the world ranking rose to seventy-first, surpassing the traditional Serie A giants A C Milan. This is the football Data Statistics website footballdatabase published the latest issue of the world football rankings. In 6 years, Guangzhou Hengda football club will become Taobao Asia’s most successful football club occupation, the most influential, in three years, five AFC Champions League two champions, two Club World Cup champion, the two AFC Best Club Award ""…… In the field of professional football, Guangzhou Hengda Taobao football club is not only on behalf of Guangzhou, but also on behalf of China and asia. The world’s top football coach, Lippi Scolari, international soccer superstar Alan, Conca, El Eriksson, Paulinho have played football in Guangzhou. Guangzhou, Hengda also deeply attracted them, and even Lippi in the Pearl River Metro opened a restaurant, Conca’s son can speak fluent China…… Box office, tax, consumption, employment…… Guangzhou pregnant, gave birth to Hengda, Hengda football for the city of Guangzhou, the city of football, sports city added a world-class card. People will ask, why Hengda Taobao football club will be born in Guangzhou, Hengda Taobao football club’s success, but also to Guangzhou what? The Guangzhou football dominated the Asian football competition, people will only remember who is the champion. 2010 Guangzhou football took over and renamed Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club singing all the way, great to meet the expectations of the fans. In 2011, the "promoted" Guangzhou Heng brigade in the super stadium soared and ahead of the four round of the championship, won the first in the history of Chinese’s top football league championship to Guangzhou, is the Chinese Football League first team in the history of the first year or top league championship team, staged in the country "Kaiserslautern" myth. It is from the beginning of the first super crown, so far the constant brigade never let the League lost, became the first team to win five team. Is the Super League although is not over, but Hengda six consecutive has not much suspense. "The exercise of civil war" and "battle lay" has been the common past China club, the Asian Games is the touchstone of the strength of the Hengda foreign wars. The clock turned back to the exciting night. In 2013 AFC Champions League final, constant brigade two round total score of 3 to 3 draw with South Korea K League champion Seoul FC team, taking away goals advantage beat the opponent, won the champion AFC Champions League. This is Chinese football club won the first championship history AFC Champions League. The night of the championship, constant brigade captain Zheng Zhi said emotionally相关的主题文章: