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The catering sector in the literary youth, Yan value taste 360 hassle – Sohu and recently, I heard someone discovered a new continent, of course, not Columbo, is the city of incense, incense hee 3 new generation flagship store in October 17th in Pudong New World Square debut! Enjoy the hee Hong arts was founded in 13 years "old O2O player", in recent years the O2O catering Fuzion, more and more charm, a strong magnetic force! Now has opened 15 stores in Shanghai under the line, and the establishment of a distribution network covering the city of Shanghai. Its average daily sales have exceeded 8000 single. What makes it stand out in many food and beverage brands? First of all, of course, can not be separated from the city of incense has always advocated the delicious health". Hee incense team on raw ingredients and cooking process have a high demand, good, healthy cooking temperature, reducing food taste. Make food delicious at the same time, but also pay more attention to its nutritional health. It is necessary to talk about the original intention of the creation of Hong hee hee, founder of Liu Yunxi fragrant sigh, she was also a little screw of global top 500 enterprises in the nail, the busy life makes her own diet health more and more neglected, or drink, or get throught a thing carelessly. For the dietary status of themselves and most people’s consciousness, make her in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, created hee incense, therefore, delicious and healthy, the pursuit of grain is also raising hee never forget the early heart sweet. The four years of the O2O restaurant Fuzion, hee incense and not have to meet all kinds of Everything is going smoothly., confused problem of large or small, fragrant and hee team always adhere to faith, carefully listen to the client, research and development, adjustment and innovation. Along the way, constantly improve the cooking technology, the integration of industry quality experience, now more and more fine quality, rich category to five categories: high-end business meals, new international flavor meal, breakfast, drinks, low-fat organic dessert, can meet the customer, the product needs a full meal. Xi Xiang · ENERGY, the Chinese name is called the city of incense energy gas station, an area of only 30 square meters, a complete small kitchen, big taste. The energy station that a clear "blue", as if to illuminate a similar twilight. This is called the bright blue blue, is a common color of ancient porcelain, a distant romantic temperament. The store layout simple without losing the mood, the expression of different opera dolls early occupied the position of the shop, they wear elaborate costumes, with exquisite makeup, as if at any time can sing out loud. On the wall of his opera doll cartoon image, air movements with the different words in Shanghai, really want to put them all income expression bag. The opening of new stores also a good gift to send, October 17th -10 month 31 days, in Xixiang, new store any staple food, each donated a jar of walnut bunao. In October 17th, the new world square, walnut dew and positive energy are ready, you.相关的主题文章: