First, what parts should be equipped during lactation – Sohu maternal and child autobots

A, lactation should have what parts? – Sohu mother, a good breast pump if you still need to work, must be ready to pump. You can choose pump electric or manual, depending on your requirements and budget. An electric breast pump can save time, but the manual does not stimulate the nipple. A few pieces of breastfeeding underwear, you also need to have a few pieces of good support for breastfeeding underwear. You can quickly feed your underwear to feed, you can also let you put an anti overflow pad to prevent the coat soaked. Making good use of the tools can make breastfeeding smoother. Some anti overflow pad no one likes the feeling of wet clothes, not to mention you need to hold a child, you may need to go out to work or buy food. Therefore, anti overflow pad is an essential health products. If you need to work or go out, it is necessary to store the breast milk. After the collection of milk, in the storage bag marked date and number, so as to prevent the placement of too long is not fresh. If you use a similar nipple nipple, breast feeding bottles, should be ready to flow slowly, shaped like a nipple nipple, sucking easily so as to prevent the baby bottle habit, and are not willing to suck the nipple. Repair, lanolin often suck the nipple, or use the milk sucking device may hurt your nipples, rupture, pain. Lanolin can be used to relieve your pain, repair damaged skin tissue. With a small pillow, lactation lactation time may take 30~40 minutes long time hold the baby may make you hand acid, backache. Therefore, the preparation of a small pillow for breastfeeding, used to pad under the baby, you can reduce the pain. Two, how to increase breast milk during lactation? A lot of food can be added to improve the production of breast milk, such as fish, nuts, seafood, soy milk, etc.. You can add these foods to your diet to help increase production. A large number of liquid breast milk supplement is the main component of water, so more liquid can increase the production of breast milk. You can put the bottle in the nursing table, bedside, convenient for you to add water at any time. Getting enough sleep and sleep deprivation can affect your breast milk production. Therefore, as far as possible to rest, sleep more, in addition to helping you produce breast milk, but also can help you restore physical strength and energy. Increase the number of breast-feeding and increase the number of breast-feeding can also improve the secretion of breast milk. This is because when the breasts are empty, the breast milk is automatically refilled to provide baby sucking. Therefore, the increase in the number of times can increase production.相关的主题文章: