Female college students lost more than a month still no sign of reward million Yuan Zheng.-iptd-651

Female college students lost more than a month still no sign of reward million Yuan Zheng clues original title: the missing female students still no sign of hope that the family members of the public not to pass rumors of Chinese daily news (reporter Yang Tuo) in January 20th, 26, the "China Daily" Weinan today "reported continuous Fuping 23 year old female college student Fan Lei disappearance, the local police also reward million yuan collect clues, but still no audio. Female students missing month reward million yuan collect clues Fuping County 23 year old female college students is the town of Fuping County fan Lei, a student at the Shangluo College, this year during the winter to do part-time job in an education and training institutions in Fuping county. At 8:37 on the evening of January 13th, fan Lei lost contact after work. Family, relatives and friends failed to find the night after the alarm, the local police and in January 23rd issued a reward notice, for the community to collect clues, to provide valuable clues and breakthrough of detective work, reward 5000 yuan; and to provide clues to solve the case directly, reward 10 thousand yuan. In February 15th, missing more than a month from fan Lei, Chinese newspaper reporter contacted Fan Ying’s father, Mr. Fan, and found that there was still no information about the whereabouts of fan lei. Mr. Fan, fan Lei is the eldest, has a sister and a brother, when his mother passed away when the fan flower bud is not adult. Over the years, 3 brothers and sisters lived with their father and grandfather. When he had a holiday, fan came home to help with the housework. Miss, worried granddaughter grandfather fell ill before the Spring Festival, Mr. Fan said, the child grandfather originally bad health, the family has been hiding the old man, but eventually did not hide, the old man because of very worried about and worried about the granddaughter, before the Spring Festival period of time fell ill. Last year before the Spring Festival, home dumplings steamed steamed, and other preparatory work, are doing Leilai fan. This home steamed buns, dumplings, are children’s aunts help to do, "simply prepared a little." Mr. Fan said. On the eve of the Lunar New Year’s Eve, the baby’s aunt came with me. Although the TV was on the Spring Festival Gala, I didn’t see it at all. I felt no mood at all." Mr. Fan said, "the family does not want emotions to affect the elderly, fighting back sadness and tears."." The public not to believe rumors rumors police are investigating Mr. Fan said, starting from before the Spring Festival, there are rumors said: "the children come back, but the kidney was cut off in the hospital for treatment," says "the child’s body was found, a lot of people are concerned about their children’s" call about true. "Our family has been worried about the disappearance of the child." He said, the current children have not found, I hope the majority of citizens do not believe rumors, rumors spread. He and his relatives and friends will continue to look for it, and hope that insiders will provide relevant clues as soon as possible. In addition, the China Merchants Daily reporter learned from the Fuping County Public Security Bureau, the current bureau is still doing its best to investigate. If you know the public, you can call 13772789908 (Wang Jingguan) or 15891536265 (depending on police officer) to provide clues to the police, the public security organs promise to provide clues to personnel information confidential. Editor in chief 4

女大学生失联月余仍无音讯 警方悬赏万元征线索   原标题:失踪女大学生仍无音讯 家人希望市民勿传谣   华商报讯(记者 杨托)1月20日、26日,《华商报・今日渭南》连续报道了富平23岁女大学生范蕾失踪一事,当地警方还悬赏万元征集线索,但至今仍无音讯。   女大学生失踪月余 警方悬赏万元征集线索   富平县23岁的女大学生范蕾是富平县庄里镇人,也是商洛学院的一名学生,今年寒假期间在富平县城的一家教育培训机构做兼职。1月13日晚8时37分,范蕾下班后失去联系。家人、亲友连夜寻找未果后报警,当地警方介入并于1月23日发布悬赏通告,面向社会征集线索,对提供有价值线索并对破案工作有突破性进展的,奖励5000元;提供线索并直接破案的,奖励人民币1万元。   2月15日,距范蕾失踪已一月有余,华商报记者再次联系范蕾的父亲范先生,得知目前仍无任何有关范蕾下落的消息。   范先生介绍,范蕾是家中的长女,有一个妹妹和一个弟弟,当年母亲因病过世时范蕾还没成年。多年来,姐弟3人与父亲、爷爷一起生活。平时一放假范蕾就回到家帮忙干家务。   挂念、担心孙女 爷爷在春节前病倒   范先生说,孩子爷爷本来身体就不好,家里人一直瞒着老人,但最终还是没瞒住,老人因为十分挂念和担心孙女,在春节前一段时间病倒了。   往年过年前,家里蒸馍馍、包饺子等准备工作,都是范蕾来做。而今年家里蒸馍、包饺子,都是孩子的姑姑们帮忙来做的,“只是简单地准备了一点。”范先生说。   “除夕夜时,娃的姑姑来陪着一起过,虽然电视播着春晚,但我一点都没有看进去,压根没有心情。”范先生说,“家人不想让情绪影响到老人,强忍着悲伤和泪水。”   市民不要信谣传谣 警方正全力调查   范先生说,从春节前开始,当地就有谣言说:“孩子回来了,但是肾被人割走了正在医院接受治疗,”也有人说“孩子的尸体找到了,”不少关心孩子的人都打来电话询问真假。   “我们一家人因为孩子失踪的事情,至今很担心难过。”他说,目前孩子还没有找到,希望广大市民不要轻信谣言、传播谣言。他和亲友还会继续找下去,也希望有知情者能尽快提供相关线索。   另外,华商报记者从富平县公安局获悉,目前该局仍在全力进行调查。如有知情市民,可拨打13772789908(王 警 官)或15891536265(倚警官)向警方提供线索,公安机关承诺会对提供线索人员信息进行保密。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: