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Legal A Premise Licence connotes to every premise that gratify for activities like sale of alcohol, recreational activities like dancing and music along with late night refreshments. These all .e under licensable activities and are meant to be carried on under, and in accordance with, a Premises Licence. A single premises licence will now cover all the licensable activities that businesses wish to undertake. This licence is for the betterment of people and nation hand in hand. In fact anything which .es under use on licence is for the welfare of the nation as a whole. A premise licence is given so as to carry out all the listed activities. As a matter of fact, any place which carries out either one or more or all of the licensable activities does need to have a premises licence that includes but is not limited to takeaways and late night cafes. This will include mobile food traders operating in the evening after 11pm. From the all information, it be.es clear why this licence is required. Following are the main activities which require a licence: Sale or supply of any kind alcohol. It includes the sale and serving. That means if a place is inviting people and letting them drink alcohol, then a licence is required to do so Late night refreshment has provisions like sale of hot food along with drinks any time from 11 pm till 5 am in the morning Any person, individuals, businesses or partnerships who intend to open a business which includes any of the activities should have a licence for the same. In case of an individual, the person should be aged 18 or over. Moreover there are some other facts involved in getting this licence like an application form, some fee, the detailed operating schedule and plan of the premises along with the written consent of the person who will supervise this premise. The application form is generally available online and it is very easy to fill it up. This licence is generally not valid for any particular time period until it is revoked, suspended or surrendered. These all kinds of licences is generally made for the peoples’ welfare only. The main objectives of licensing include: Prevention of crime and chaos Protection of children from harmful agents and preventing them from indulging in these kinds of addictions before they reach maturity. Premise Licensing Act has also undergone some amendments which were introduced in the year 2003. It is always advisable to follow the rules of your country and live as per the law and legislation as it is the work of our leaders to give us a peaceful life full of entertainment and pleasure. Always abide the rules and stay in good spirits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: