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Business Decide what you will do your card embosser on. Will you emboss directly onto the face of the card or onto a piece of cardstock that will be taped to the card once the Card Embosser is complete? Step 2Use the stencil or stamp and ink pad. Either is fine. It depends on what you want the embossed image to be. With the stencil, you have 2 options: you can trace the image onto the back side of the paper or, if it’s thick enough, you can just place it under the card or cardstock. With the stamp and ink pad, stamp the image onto the back side of the card or cardstock. Keep in mind that with the stamp of the image will be reversed when you emboss it because it’s put on the back side. You won’t have the same thing with a stencil because you can flip the stencil over – Smart Card Writer . Step 3With the Card Embosser – Card Making Machine tool and the dense foam pad, start to emboss. Start with the rounded end of the Card Embosser tool, if it has 2 different ends, in an area that you want to stand up on the card. Start at the edge of the area. Begin to press the Card Embosser tool into the paper. Start with light pressure and increase the pressure used to press the image down into the foam pad. It may be useful to make very small circular motions with steady pressure that will create the desired imprint into the paper. Turning the paper over every once in awhile will give you an idea if your pressure is enough. You will also see how your image is coming along. Step 4Continue dry Card Embosser over the entire area. Keep in mind to leave enough paper in between the sections of the image to keep them from running together. This will also give your make a clean, crisp look. Step 5Once the entire embossed area is complete, you can finish the card or apply the cardstock to the card you will use it on. ..cardteq.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: