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The eight year old "with" paralysis patients   somatization disorder; experts: 60% elderly patients need to "mind" — Hubei Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Wuhan on 8 October, the body repeatedly appeared some symptoms, but not check reason; feeling ", the diagnosis result is regarded as hopeless." not so serious. Most of these cases are old people, and the number of people is increasing year by year, experts say, 60% elderly patients have this situation, and the diagnosis of "somatization disorder" of this disease, we must first cure heart disease. October 9th is the Double Ninth Festival, while Dong Diedie, 82, is hospitalized. 4 years ago, he began to dizziness, headache, pain like acupuncture, bursts of pain, sleep at night is not good, large and small hospitals ran less than ten, unable to check the reasons, can only eat painkillers and sleeping pills to ease the pain. Half a year ago Dong dad suddenly unbearable pain paralyzed in bed, the hospital examination showed lumbar disc herniation is usually not serious, but to walk, but he felt the leg touches the ground unbearable pain, there is no way to stand up. The 8 day, Dong Diedie came to Hubei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital Department of geriatrics hospital, Professor of the Department of Liu Jinjin of vice director of admissions after careful inquiry learned that Dong daddy’s wife died 5 years ago, a pair of children married, because the work is busy, far away, every year only the holidays come back to visit the elderly. Dong Diedie doesn’t have any hobbies. He usually likes to watch TV at home. 4 years ago, unexplained dizziness headache, the children are worried, accompanied him to see the doctor everywhere, but the effect is not obvious, now the children are tired, and not so concerned about. After Liu Jinjin ruled out organic lesions, he considered that he was suffering from "somatization disorder". Somatization disorder is not an incurable disease, nor is it a mental illness, but a psychological disease. Although these patients have a certain physical illness, but patients feel the pain can not be explained by a disease, often in describing their condition, there is "exaggerated" tendency. Liu Jinjin introduced, there are 60% elderly patients encounter this problem, most of them because of internal anxiety or depression, into physical symptoms, serious, but can not find the reason. In order to cure the disease, we must first treat the heart". Family members need more care, and patients should also enrich their lives and relax their body and mind by means of hobbies, proper exercise and travel. If the symptoms still can not be alleviated, we should promptly go to the hospital to seek professional doctor symptomatic treatment. (Hu Mengwan Ling Xiang) (Zhang Juan, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan) 八旬老人“装”瘫痪患躯体化障碍 专家:六成老年病患者需“医心”–湖北频道–人民网 人民网武汉10月8日电 身体反复出现一些病症,却检查不原因;感觉“病入膏肓”,诊断结果却没那么严重。出现这种情况的多半是老年人,且人数逐年增长,专家表示,六成老年病患者都有这种情况,而诊断为“躯体化障碍”的这种疾病,要首先医好心病。 10月9日是重阳节,82岁的董爹爹却要住院。4年前,他开始头晕头痛,疼起来就像针刺一样,一阵阵地胀痛,夜里总睡不好,大大小小医院跑了不下十家,检查不出原因,只能吃止痛药和安眠药缓解痛苦。半年前董爹爹突然腿痛难忍瘫痪在床,各大医院检查结果显示是腰椎间盘突出症,但是通常不会严重到无法行走,可他觉得右腿一着地就胀痛难忍,根本没办法站起来。 8日,董爹爹来到湖北省中医院老年病科就诊,接诊的该科副主任刘进进教授仔细询问后了解到,5年前董爹爹的老伴去世后,一对儿女各自成家,因为工作忙、离得远,每年只有逢年过节才回来看望老人。董爹爹没什么兴趣爱好,平日里喜欢窝在家里看电视。4年前不明原因头晕头痛,儿女们很担心,陪着他到处看医生,可是效果不明显,现在儿女们都觉得疲了,也没那么关心了。刘进进排除了器质性病变后,考虑董爹爹患的是“躯体化障碍”的心理疾病。“躯体化障碍”不是不治之症,也不是精神病,而是一种心理疾病。这类患者虽有一定的躯体疾病,但患者感受到的病痛无法以某一种疾病去解释,往往在描述自己的病情时存在“夸大”倾向。 刘进进介绍,目前有六成老年患者遇到这个问题,他们大部分是因为内心焦虑或抑郁,转化成了躯体症状,表现得严重但是查不出原因。要想治好病,首先要医“心”。家人要多些关怀,患者也要通过培养兴趣爱好、适当的运动健身、外出旅行等方式充实生活,放松身心。如果症状仍然无法缓解,要及时到医院找专业医师对症治疗。(胡梦 万凌翔) (责编:张隽、关喜艳)相关的主题文章: