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During the National Day around Jiangxi to strengthen public safety supervision   15 large-scale activities carried out smoothly, Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: during the national day across the province to strengthen supervision in public safety of 15 large-scale activities carried out smoothly in September 7th, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, the province’s smooth and orderly social order during the national day. The province’s 15 major activities carried out smoothly, the major tourist attractions safe and orderly. During the festival, the focus on strengthening public safety supervision. A total of more than 5800 units of key inspection, found 325 potential safety problems, promptly eliminate hidden dangers rectification 172, issued a rectification notice 153 copies, the postal department in conjunction with the safety investigation of enterprise logistics delivery, and rectification of safety problems found more than and 100. The fire department to increase the intensive market, shopping malls hotels, tourist attractions, entertainment, transportation hubs and other personnel place fire hazard investigation efforts, fire inspection unit 2790, found hidden 2236, rectification hidden 2118. The traffic control department to fully rely on the "big data analysis platform, to strengthen the highway, national highway, rural roads, highways and scenic road to ease control, strengthen the safety inspection of the passenger and dangerous goods transport vehicles, and the total of all types of serious traffic violations since 6583. According to statistics, the province’s public security organs will effectively alarm 39741, the criminal police intelligence 4120, security alarm 12479, down 7.8%, 23.1%, 13.1%; arrested on various criminal suspects 307 people, seized control of the tool 175, 2100 security dispute mediation.   (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: