Dott Coach Real Madrid = century old main home welcome Ronaldo (video)-sunny came home

Dott Coach: Real Madrid = the century old master Luo C welcome home Dortmund group phase again Real Madrid hornet title challenge C Ronaldo former Lisbon athletics goal after the break the classic action Tencent sports news August 26th Champions League draw announced, Real Madrid (data) will play Dortmund, Lisbon athletics and Legia Warsaw. Dott coach Tucher said, with Real Madrid’s war is like Douthat’s "World War", while the Lisbon athletics welcomed C Luo home. Dortmund coach Tucher believes the team’s war is worth a look: "look at the draw it, there are several fascinating game our team will be, we do have a very attractive group. It’s going to be a tough team game, but it’s also very attractive. The battle for Dortmund and Real Madrid is a century of war, we are looking forward to the Champions League against the defending champion." Real Madrid president Florentino said: "today we are really very happy, because there are two Real Madrid players among the UEFA best player award before three, I think that this award is C Ronaldo, approved last season is one of his occupation career best season, he will win everything. I also want to talk about Baer, who has been with us for three years and won the Champions League for the first time in two years." C Luo will play in the Champions League group of Lisbon athletics, 2007-08 season, when he played for Manchester United two battle against his old club into the ball, after the C Ronaldo did not celebrate the goal, and made a gesture of apology, get the applause of the Portuguese fans in. In the balloting announced after the Lisbon athletics official twitter said: "welcome home, C European player of the year C Ronaldo, his football enlightenment stage is spent here, at the age of 12, leaving the family with his home island of Madeira after joining the Lisbon athletics." (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: