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Don’t look down on pictures of Indians, people is definitely over – posture tourism Sohu Chennai, India’s fourth largest city, the capital of Tamil Nadu, as many as about 15000000 people, one of the 6 classic route here is Cathay Pacific from Hongkong to fly to India. When the British colony, known here as Madras, Madras, 20 years ago, only to return to the old Chennai. Now Chennai, is the industrial center of southern India on the bay of Bengal, the business is extremely developed, every weekend, shopping mall in the bustling amazing. In fact, people also have to Chennai, for what else, such as tourists will travel to the local governance, there are monuments for the love of tourists is 60 kilometers away from Chennai mahabalipuram. Also known as the Mahabalipuram Temple City, early in seventh Century to become the Hindu activity center, there are a lot of the time to leave the relevant and popular places of historic interest and scenic beauty, the Pallava dynasty. Maha Barry Pullan, also known as the ancient Mamalapulan Mamallapuram is enigmatic Temple City, Pallava Dynasty left many mysterious here, students carved a fabulous open-air museum in stone. Thousands of people look down, stone carving skills down, today’s Temple City, stone shops everywhere. Two rock street, carved a huge relief, is about Moke the hero in the story of Arjuna, the gods and Demons image true to life and animal dazzling. But in the whole of Mahabalipuram, unfinished reliefs meet the eye everywhere. In addition to this group of carved out relief of rock, built in the eighth Century coast temple are the most attractive. Here lies and worship Shiva Vishnu, soon was included in the world heritage. Islam swept through the India mainland, because the mountains block, it did not fall in a large area, so here became the best preserved Hindu heritage area. When the Pallava Dynasty flourished, territory wide to today’s Indonesia, Sri Lanka, then all of these places in hinduism. To Indonesia Bali Island know that Bali Island is a Hindu because Islam and the last emperor retreated into the. To South India, foreign tourists, no one can miss The Shore Temple. Even if is a native of India, also has many monuments for so far, clear India ocean becomes a good holiday by. The same as the coast temple, five carriages to praise unceasingly, the five temple, each of which is carved on a boulder, including stairs, pillars, statues and reliefs. The Five Rathas, chisel for 36 years also failed to complete, only one of the inside out of the buddha. So there are more than one thousand years of world heritage sites, close contact with the people, there is no protection and stop climbing, cuddle, different attitude, take pictures. This is not a cross, to feel the craftsmen carved hard, just do not know this will increase the corrosion failure of five carriages. In addition to India and historic photo of joy over, Ma khabarovsk.相关的主题文章: