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Donnie Yen took a "rogue" with Jiang Wen Donnie Yen in the film the foreigner loudly Tucao character portrait photo of the Donnie Yen Sina entertainment news November 12th, Hollywood movie "a number: Star Wars Episode" (hereinafter referred to as "a number") was held in Hongkong for the first time in Asia, the press conference, Donnie Yen [micro-blog] appearance and media group visit. Star Wars series as the first official rumored starring Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in the film’s performance of concern. As the blind man Donnie Yen admitted that the joining of the Hollywood film "never make sauce", and as a piece of only two China actors, Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen had become a good brother, will speak loudly to foreigners with Chinese ill. The blind man play "trouble" and the Jiang Wen brothers film about two cooperation into the Milky Way empire after the establishment of a group of rebels stole the death star plans planning action. Donnie Yen plays the blind monk, Jiang Wen played inkwin Qilu special, his good friend — Baez’s weapons experts Buss, they will Esuo and harp, (Feilixi Ti Jones ornaments), Xi’an card (Ando Diego Bruner ornaments) rebel together etc.. It is reported that the blind man is Donnie Yen himself. "Just let me play the monk, but I want a more challenging role, so I consult with the director." In the film, Donnie Yen wearing a beautiful pupil glasses, eyes wide open looking at the front of a dark feeling. Donnie Yen admitted that this brings trouble to himself is not small: I have Tucao with Jiang Wen, this is my own trouble! Martial arts has changed, to pretend not to see." Talking about his second cooperation with Jiang Wen, Donnie Yen said the two have become a silent brother. "Two Chinese actors are in the distance, homesick every day, very close together every day." But Donnie Yen also said that such an environment to make two people more relaxed, sometimes want to talk about the bad mouthing foreign actors, it can be very loud, very fun!" Joining Hollywood "not soy sauce" Star Wars "force strong oriental culture Donnie Yen said that this time they played the blind monk and Jiang Wen as a weapons expert, the two characters are very solid," I often tell the producer said, don’t let us play soy sauce. But in fact, they really need to find us because of the role, nor is it simply for the Chinese market and look for two oriental faces". While talking about the film "force" and "laser sword", Donnie Yen bluntly this is George Lucas introduced the Oriental elements since the first "Star Wars" in seventy years ago to join the. "The sword is from China laser sword, and the force is based on China in martial arts qigong." In Donnie Yen’s view, the "Star Wars" series of films would have invited actor: "the film will orient oriental martial arts and history into the film, the two yellow is certainly the biggest Oriental elements in the film!" It is reported that "a number of Star Wars: episode" will be released in North America on December 16th, the mainland is expected to introduce Chinese. (Intern Rebecca) (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: