Dongfeng brand independent profit remains to be reset to conceal the dilemma of Dongfeng &quot stran

Dongfeng brand independent profit remains to be reset to conceal the dilemma strands of " Dongfeng " with automotive products increased and slowing sales growth, all segments of the market competitive pressure is increasing. In the joint venture brand squeeze, the rise of similar brands, for their own brands, who can maintain a profit in the fierce competition, who can become the Red Sea Battlefield laugh to the final winner. Recently, Dongfeng Automobile Limited by Share Ltd (600006.SH, hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng Automobile") Party committee, deputy general manager Liu Weidong (click to view the latest news figures) said in the Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 ceremony, Dongfeng is currently the biggest challenge is to speed the fastest profit, "our goal is to be profitable in 2018". When asked how the strategy will be taken to ensure profitability target successful, Liu Weidong to "China business newspaper" reporter said, in a large independent direction, Dongfeng brand will be adjusted in the "13th Five-Year" period, will be in the product positioning, product promotion, marketing ability, cooperative ability and other aspects make hard. In this regard, Shanghai Ming Wah Road Business Consulting Co. Ltd. executive director Feng Shiming said: "the lack of" indorsement "powerful and highly take the amount of star products is the main problem facing the current needs of most independent brand, Dongfeng brand to profit, we should face and solve these problems." From "junlingzhuang" compared with "12th Five-Year" plan, Dongfeng brand in the "13th Five-Year" plan should pay more attention to product quality and customer service to enhance service capacity, in addition to achieve the sales target of 2 million 300 thousand in 2020, but also to achieve profitability in 2018. "I, general Chun Rong (Dongfeng passenger car company general manager Li Chunrong (micro-blog)), Korea Institute three individuals with the Group signed a" military order ", 2018 must be completed, there are corresponding losses each year." Liu Weidong said when talking about future profit plans. According to the plan, in order to achieve this goal, Dongfeng brand will be in the "13th Five-Year" period appropriate to change the original product positioning, not simply to lower the price increase product cost, but rely on to enhance the quality and the quality of the vehicle to vehicle price. Liu Weidong believes that with the comprehensive upgrading of China’s automotive users, low quality automotive products will not only cause a waste of resources, but also cause dissatisfaction with the car users. He pointed out: "only through the upgrading of quality, consumers will be more and more confidence in us, more and more like Dongfeng car." In addition, Dongfeng said in the elimination function of aging models and emission standard upgrade and other factors, many consumers need to buy life in second or third cars, if the user loyalty is not high, the brand will lose the brand competitiveness of the existing competition in the future. With the importance of the importance of brand loyalty, independent brands can only continue to improve the brand to better grasp the user. Liu Weidong believes that the brand to enhance their own brands, the product is the key to enhance the force. In order to improve the quality of the vehicle, Dongfeng own brand in the vehicle styling, interior, power composition, etc..相关的主题文章: