Don Xiangqian biography published in the Forum Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong cooperation development

"Don Xiangqian biography" published in the forum to review the history of the development of Shanghai and Hong Kong cooperation – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai in September 26, (Wang Ji) Tang Xiangqian met my old friends and respect the elderly, he is in Hongkong and the mainland vicissitudes of history witness, is also an active participant and portland." 26 days in Shanghai city CPPCC held the "Tang Xiangqian biography" published on the forum, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, former Minister of the United Front Department, Shanghai Tang Junyuan Education Foundation Chairman Wang Shenghong said. Hongkong outstanding industrialist Tang Xiangqian, known as the "Hongkong textile king said, Tang’s family was born in one of the modern business China four families. He took the lead to return to the mainland to invest in enterprises, founded in Shanghai, the first joint venture between Hong Kong and Shanghai – Shanghai United Wool Textile Co., Ltd., to participate in and witnessed the vicissitudes of Hongkong and the mainland more than half a century. "In 1979, by the Shanghai municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Minister Zhang Chengzong rate of nearly 10 business representatives in Shanghai to Hong Kong, Tang Xiangqian not only invited to the delegation, as general reception, but also the use of his business in Hongkong’s influence, please local representatives carefully arrange activities", deputy minister of United Front Work Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association vice president Zhao Fuxi said, "the delegation of Hongkong changed the views of the commercial sector on the mainland, so that they understand and support the policy of reform and opening up, as well as to invest in the mainland has laid a good foundation. Since then, the two exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong more frequent, effectively promote exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and shanghai." In June this year, the mainland published "Tang Xiangqian biography" in chronological order, reviewing Tang Xiangqian’s life trajectory generation as a business tycoon, which runs through the basic situation and the business development at that time, the local society, is a Chinese across the centuries of evolutionary history of national industry and commerce. The book’s writing from the beginning of 2011, to the Hongkong Sanlian Bookstore version of the advent of the 2014, and then to the length of the changes, this year, Shanghai people’s Publishing House published this version, which lasted more than five years." One of the authors of the Tang Dynasty biography, Shanghai and Hong Kong Economic Journal President Jiang Xiaoxin told reporters. "Tang Xiangqian has a deep Shanghai port complex in Hongkong, he and I talk about the most is how to make the Shanghai and Hong Kong in two major cities have more exchanges and cooperation, promote the economic development of Shanghai and Hong Kong," Jiang Xiaoxin said, "I wish China can appear more like Tang Xiangqian this businessman." The Standing Committee of the CPPCC, the eldest son of Tang Xiangqian Tang Yingnian appeared on the day of the forum and said, "don Xiangqian biography" publishing can not only encourage entrepreneurial spirit, but also on the education of the young nation has a positive energy state, "I hope this can be encouraged together to achieve the Chinese nation’s" Chinese dream "hard struggle." On behalf of his father, Tang Xiangqian (Hongkong Peninsula Education Fund), he donated HK $5 million to the Shanghai foundation for education in Tang Junyuan. This forum is jointly organized by the Shanghai municipal CPPCC Taiwan and overseas Chinese, Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association, Shanghai people’s publishing house, Shanghai Tang Junyuan education foundation. (end)相关的主题文章: