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Domestic mobile phone brands, which can be called "value for money"? – Sohu technology this problem is actually very good, because the China consumption upgrade and the years of mobile phone hardware manufacturers competition, what "price" what "Internet mobile phone" concept has been consumers tired, value for money is a price of a goods, this is the return of good consumer attitudes, but also rational return, let those who expect to take hundreds of thousands of people to buy quality just to think of it, let the cost of holding manufacturers have come to think of it, only one truth — there is no free lunch! In recent years, the domestic mobile phone has made remarkable progress, but in Aberdeen for hardtop and, as a good value or not, the Nubian Z11 is considered a, vivo is X7Plus. Nubian Z11 aRC frame design, let people fall in love at first sight the probability is very high, full of sense of technology, equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 flagship CPU, can use and there is a surplus of 2498 of Z11, the Nubian price is definitely worth the money. Before and after vivo X7Plus 16 million dual camera + snapdragon 652, only really used to understand what applauded by a stable mobile phone, so even if the price of 279 yuan, still think X7Plus hardtop is worth. (commissioning editor: Dong Jingsheng)相关的主题文章: