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Do a lotus hold the beginning of the heart (people’s Forum) – Ningxia Channel – lotus, is the spirit of the mountain. Ling Han alone, rooted in the snow line, proudly between glaciers; color pure, not for the buzzer splendor, the effect of more serious. Some people say that on duty Yuanjiang cadres Wang Hua, just like a pure lotus flowers, endure loneliness, endure hardship, withstand the pressure, resist the temptation to shoulder responsibility. Snow tough, holy, can be described as "trees are the heart". And people, need more "who does not regret the beginning of the heart", to set their own standards, anchor your goals. Wang Hua and colleagues say that the body is very good, but I do not know his office and dormitory put a lot of treatment of chronic gastropathy; Wang Hua led Yuanjiang cadres funded 50 students, but he told the secret school; in Wang Hua’s diary, rarely seems worthy of a "show off" things outside…… Those who sacrifice, dedication and persistence of those plain and simple, perhaps not what the "tall" feat, but only the pure, like snow: so beautiful; only the ordinary, so beautiful. Wang Hua with action and life, answered the Yuanjiang three questions – why Xinjiang? What are you doing here? Leaving what? When people care about Alpine dry, scale, ultraviolet and other damage to the body, Wang Hua in Kirk Dallas City high school project on the site of day and night rush, in the division hospital of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps fourth comprehensive building project Shen Jian son because the father can not leave no stone unturned; when the right and left with tears when, Wang Hua in the help of high school students according to Minuer Ma Hemu provided over Longmen?…… This story is not shaking heaven and earth has nothing to do, the choice of life and death, but letting a person feel beyond the meaning and value of. Among them, the reason is the lack of "self-interest", more "justice"; out of the "ego", "I"". Alive is the banner of Yuanjiang, fall is the cornerstone of yuanjiang. More like Wang Hua Yuanjiang cadres, this dedication, worried about this, some almost blind eyes still stick to their posts, and some illness can not accompany, some parents died failed to see the last one. Education Yuanjiang, Yuanjiang, Yuanjiang, Yuanjiang, yuanjiang…… Five two, white and black, in addition to eating, sleeping, is work, is a true portrayal of many Yuanjiang cadres. Lu Xun said: "infinite distance, countless people, and I have about." For them, the bitter don’t complain, because this is the call of duty; not retreat, because this is the certainty of belief; tired but reassuring, because it is the honorable duty. With the "Taihang Mountain new man" Li Baoguo, "live in the side of the ideal" like Zou Bihua, Wang Hua and more Yuanjiang cadres, with their own choice, answer how to be a qualified member of the Communist Party over the new era, which is called "two model". Through bloodshed, no longer have the ruined house to relieve difficult times, the phone in the war, a hail of bullets test, but for the Communist Party, call of duty has never stopped, but can not be shaken the belief that. About 88000000 party members by example as a guide in "learning" with real power, pinpointing the "do", in the ordinary post unwaveringly quietly stick to the needs of the masses in)相关的主题文章: