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Divorced men don’t want to pay alimony identified by the three after still refused to recognize the parent-child Express News reporter Zhou Cong correspondent Xu Yanliu JASUN reported three non biological paternity doubt? Conghua high of a man and his wife divorced, had done two paternity test two times, results show that the child is a high. The. However, after the divorce, still a high identification is false grounds, refused to pay alimony. In February 2016, a high ex-wife Lee on behalf of the child will be a high Lin to Guangzhou Conghua court, demanding a pay alimony. Conghua high court since March 2016 since a monthly payment of 800 yuan living expenses to the child Kobayashi, education, medical bills paid by half, until Kobayashi Toshima was only eighteen years old. After the case was appealed to the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court, a high court in the middle of the trial is still required to do paternity testing with the child. The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court made two verdict, dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. Suspected fraud identification institutions, the man refused to pay alimony in 2012, 2013, a high court two times a prosecution to the Guangdong province Zhaoqing city and Lee divorce long to go out to do business, a high in the divorce proceedings had suspected child of 11 years old is Lin Lee and others, to apply to the court for paternity identification. In accordance with the law, the court commissioned a forensic Center for the identification of the existence of parent-child relationship between a child and a high kobayashi. In September 2012 and January 2013, the paternity identification center two times on a high Kobayashi and son relationship, a court in Zhaoqing city on the basis of the identification results, confirm that Kobayashi is a high son, and after the divorce from Kobayashi Lee custody, and pay alimony. Gao believes that Lee is Zhaoqing, appraisal institution is in Zhaoqing, so the identification results of two are Lee bribe relations false paternity report. High insist that the child is not their own, refused to pay alimony. Son Sue alimony, father again requested a paternity test in desperation, Lee on February 2016 in the name of child Kobayashi sued to Guangzhou Conghua court, requesting the court to pay a high from March 2016 onwards to Kobayashi’s living expenses increased from 668 yuan per month to 1000 yuan per month, medical expenses and education expenses by a high burden by half; from the high of a one-time payment of children aged eighteen to support a total of 91000 yuan; a high pay in January 2014 to February 2016 to Kobayashi’s study, a total of 23623 yuan of medical expenses. Gao argued in the trial, paternity identification mechanism before doing artificial interference of the suspects, he and Kobayashi is biological father and son kinship is not clear, the request to determine paternity, parent-child relationship, only agreed to pay alimony. Conghua court held that the Zhaoqing court verdict in force has confirmed a high and Kobayashi relationship between father and son, and a high did not provide evidence to the contrary parent-child relationship does not exist between the confirmed and Kobayashi, a high request to paternity requirements not supported. As a Kobayashi Kobayashi’s father, should fulfill the obligation to raise his son, pay alimony on time. April 12, 2016, the Conghua court of first instance verdict, the verdict of a high need to pay living expenses, etc..相关的主题文章: