Directfx Australia GDP accelerated non beauty force upward running man20130526

DirectFX: GDP Australia Qili to accelerate non US clients view the latest market in early trading announced two quarter GDP data, the growth rate reached 4 years the fastest, this is undoubtedly the RBA monetary policy must. The foreign exchange market in early trading yesterday did not continue rising momentum into the adjustment of European currencies, the euro is behind after a long day began to gradually rise, in addition still have commodity currencies rising momentum, aud NZD $have appeared in the recent strong. U.S. stocks in the day after the emergence of a slight rise in the European stock market is still in a state of stagnation, gold in the United States under the bad data to promote the single day rose 2.1%, WTI crude oil continues to remain stable at the price of 45. Yesterday, the U.S. ISM non manufacturing data unexpectedly hit 6 and a half years of low impact on the market greatly, in the Jackson Holzer meeting after the market on the US dollar rate hike is expected to further setbacks, created a sharp shock yesterday of the market. The upcoming September FOMC meeting once again overshadowed, although the job market remains strong, but other data began to shake the case clearly let the market be established at the beginning of the month at the beginning of confidence in addition from the Fed’s usual practice does not rule out the possibility of a surprise attack in September. In September before the interest rate if the market reached a high level may wish to bet on the possibility of light warehouse bets. Today’s data is relatively light, the highlight of the week is tomorrow’s ECB [micro-blog] on interest rates, the analysis we mentioned yesterday facing the potential threat to Europe on the silver, but before the threat not to cover the table, the market is almost not unmoved, even this is also expected to trade long-term behavior, not short-term speculation can participate in. Technical analysis: the euro against the dollar yesterday in the formation of effective after the break the euro has faced 1.1250 tests, need to pay attention to the price of the resistance here is similar to yesterday’s ideas, here again we still take short term difficult to stop on the 1.1270, in addition 1.1200 integer without breaking down all we need departure. GBPUSD: Sterling is still leading non us strong, in yesterday’s record in July 17th to a new high, above resistance today to 1.3480, where the collective breakthrough means that European market since June 26th and was officially formed at the bottom of the range, yesterday’s intervention continue to hold more than a single stop, can be increased to 1.3280, 1.3350 callback to stabilize the situation we once again into more than a single. Gold: Gold Rush high yesterday shows the current market speculation and panic mood, then the previous resistance 1355 of such cases is still a huge challenge, because of the high rushed overnight after does not affect subsequent events, the first callback trend in there 1345 days, if can appear obvious stabilized trend, we consider more than a single intervention to 1355. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. The content of the article is for reference only.相关的主题文章: