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Computers-and-Technology Though computer has simplified a lot of things for us, I guess everyone would have met with some problem or the other with our computer at point of time. It can be on the plug-ins to have the computer up and running or a technical problem with the software or starting up the computer itself! It might sound funny to many of you, but there are people out there who dont know how to open a word document! It does not mean they are illiterate, most of the cases it is just that they have never used a computer before. There are quite a few, especially the older generation who detest changes especially with technology. I know someone who just did not want to jump from yahoo mail to Gmail just because he was used to the template in yahoo mail and did not want a change! There are many who are extremely apprehensive when the technology changes. They dont upgrade their systems and when they are forced to do it, they encounter a lot of problems which might be simple to other just because they are used to it. We can take cell phones as example. When the touch screen was introduced, there were people who dint wants to opt for touch screens just because it did not have a keypad. There are two sides to a coin, there are many who look forward to the advancement of technology and there are groups who hate changes in any form. So, what might sound like a stupid problem to a lot of us is actually a serious problem to a few. There are people who dont know that a computer is digital! I read a really funny incident online, where a guy thinks that his friends computer is inferior to hi and asks him, Is your computer digital? And a friend was comparing computers quality with the other and said, I know my computer is better than his because it is bigger! Another incident that caught my attention: a middle-aged lady demanding for a battery back-up for her computer because she is afraid of losing all her documents once the computer is switched off! So, there are people who have not understood the basic workings of the computer. Well, take me though I use the computer for various purposes from the time I started High School, I did not why we need a RAM for the computer. Thanks to a patient friends who sat me for a whole day and explained from the basics to make me understand why a computer needs RAM! For some reason computer has never been my favorite subjects, I used to try my best to avoid computer classes as much as possible. Any Computer Problems I face, I never try to fix it by myself. I simply call one of my friends to ask on how to fix the problem. Thus problems with computers need not necessarily be technical. Calling a technician to come a check the computer just because you dint know how to open a word document, is not only a waste of time for him but also a waste of money for you. Apart from that, it is time consuming. You cannot start on a work without the problem fixed and you have to wait until someone comes to check on the computer. Best thing to do is call customer service and simply ask them on how to solve the problem. Nowadays, there are many problems that can be solved over the phone instead of someone coming home to check on the computer. So be a simple problem or a technical one, now we have the luxury of calling customer service and solve the problems over the phone instead of someone coming home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: