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"Commissar" scheduled October 19th landing in Liaoning, Henan satellite TV entertainment Sohu – "" Sha Yi: the political commissar commissar still not simple Hu He Sohu entertainment news 32 set drama "war" will be landing in Liaoning, political commissar of the Henan satellite TV in October 19th. The play by the Zhejiang Tak television produced by Limited by Share Ltd, directed by famous director Zhi Lei, the famous actor Sha Yi, starring Hu He, Li Yiyi, Lu line and many other powerful actor gathered. Bring a KMT Yunnan 278 group has been the central army pushed for the audience, it decides to go to the Eight Route Army, and in the political commissar of the successful guide and formulate, successful return to the ranks of the Communist Party’s story. "" tells the story of the original political commissar dongbeikanglian, old Qiu (Sha Yi ornaments) in the condition of extremely hard and bitter with the Japanese bloody years, in that the Kuomintang Yunnan 278 regiment wants to join the Eight Route Army, decided to accept the surrender of the team to help the 278 regiment, successful uprising. After being betrayed, the torture, escape and so many difficulties, old Qiu has always been the cause of the party in the political commissar of Yunnan ultimately true to the core, old Qiu led, after the baptism of blood and fire, eventually became the Eight Route Army inside a strong effective strength. The Sha Yi overturns the comedy image to "cook" identity return to the screen, a strange combination of circumstances has become a "false political commissar". After several twists and turns, the integrity of loyalty, brave and revolutionary soldier, finally completed by the "false political commissar" to "true political commissar of metamorphosis. Sha Yi said, this seemingly simple character, in fact it is not good to play: "because the character is more realistic, more prominent is the process of people grow up step by step, the plot from speaking there is no dramatic conflict too much, and my previous comic image contrast is relatively large, the feeling is very difficult the." Such a subversive war drama "legend" political commissar of the upcoming October 19th landing in Liaoning, Henan satellite TV, will be the first to focus on political commissar itself, the fate of characters experience writing legend, including love war and national righteousness with family feelings. To see how Sha Yi jump off funny wind, political commissar turned to war, revolution in the end.   相关的主题文章: