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[color] baby 16325th arrangement of three recommended [color] summary baby miser 16325: three fans arranged forecast number value open 16324 ranked three out of 173, and the value is 11, the span is 6, the size and shape of small size, odd parity form Kiki, mass shape quality. 16325 arrangement of three prediction: Reference: 6 points across the span span period to fall, the last six span shock area narrow, the maximum amplitude is 2 points, the lowest amplitude low to 0 points, 16325 span does not exclude the possibility sharply. And the value of points: the same span amplitude, the recent and the value of the amplitude is also biased to the community, the next period and the value of the main look up, the amplitude of at least 4 points or more. Even the code: on a recent week even did not appear, even only in the 320 stage and 322 stage debut, the next 325 does not exclude the hyphen bye trend. Parity ratio: the period from the 30 odd combination, all odd combination appeared four times, a period of ball trajectory analysis combined, pay attention to the even number increased 16325. Qualitative forecast: the 324 phase of the ratio of 3:0 debut, the 30 phase of the quality of the combination of frequent appearances, the total number of up to 7, the next phase is necessary to follow up the number of more open. (source: baby net color) [color] baby BLUELOVER row three forecast 16325: 100 16324 small amplitude walk arrangement of three lottery results for 173, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 1:2, parity ratio of 3:0, mass ratio of 3:0, and the value of 11, a span of 6. Arrangement of three 16325 BLUELOVER experts recommend number 100 number: three hundred yards recently opened 2-8-1, the amplitude of continuous walking, 325 numbers are transferred to the direction of the fractional amplitude may. Ten number: the number of the last ball number 7 drop ball ten, the last time the number is out in the 2016322 phase, the omission of the indicators to observe the number of forecasts for the latest phase of the 0 road code has a complement signal. A: the period of a lottery number is 3, from a number of recent trajectory, a new stage appeared a number of fortification. In addition to the 3 residue analysis: the last out of 012 were 1:2:0, 2 code selection stealth, a new stage should pay proper attention to 2 numerical rebound. Average: 324 period on the average of 4 points, the recent lottery mean in central debut, the period 30 central mean maximum even fall into 8 periods, 325 central mean still continued to open strong signal. (source: color treasure net)相关的主题文章: