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Cloud dish to eat jujube pill? How to back up your Android phone data? – it is self-evident importance of personal data science and technology Sohu, especially now the intelligent mobile phone is not absolutely reliable, some cases may be lost, files and other data applications, so users often mobile phone data backup is necessary. Some students will say: "directly to the file upload data to SkyDrive cloud can ah." But the bad news is that some cloud recently including 360 have stopped personal service, the backup forms of cloud disk has uncertain future. Of course, this does not mean that we have no other way to backup data. Today, ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) to talk about Android mobile phone data backup, if you are not familiar with this aspect of the students may wish to see. Primer: use replacement method feature phone backup data with the most simple, is to use the mobile phone with the replacement assistant. In recent years, whether it is an international manufacturer or domestic manufacturers, will be added to this feature in the phone, and even some powerful support for conversion between iOS and Android, or very practical. For example, Samsung S (Smart Switch) replacement assistant, which can transfer data between two Taiwan mobile phone, back up files to the computer through the Windows and the Mac OS client support. Another advantage is that the backup of the project is more comprehensive, even the built-in storage media and download files can also be backed up. Although this function is convenient, but there are still some drawbacks. First, if it is not the same brand of mobile phone data, it is easy to appear incompatible. Secondly, its backup and recovery must rely on specific brand specific software, versatility is not strong enough. This scheme is more suitable for replacement with brand models, or some of the users to update the official system, for fear of losing your backup data. Advanced articles: the use of third party app backup I believe many people have heard that even used titanium backup, it can be said that the artifact of the Android phone data backup and recovery. Support backup applications, program data, SMS, call logs, address book and other personal data, restore the operation as if before the backup. And its versatility is very strong, even if the backup between different brand models, as long as the Android system, and titanium backup software version of the same, generally does not appear incompatible. This backup method takes up the built-in storage space, but the user can move the backup folder to the computer to save. It is worth noting, however, that this method will not back up your built-in storage files. In other words, your body stored in the file, such as photos, music, video and other documents, you need to transfer on the computer, and then restore the data after the data back. Although seemingly troublesome, but to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. This program is more suitable to replace the third party system from the official system, such as CM, magic, etc.. Because the third party system is not with the official system of the replacement assistant, and likely)相关的主题文章: