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Pets Big dog clothing is often seen as a biker jacket on a stocky dog but there are many reasons that large dog clothes may be something to add to your dogs wardrobe. There are practical reasons for large dog apparel as well as the large dog costume for special events. If you have seen many of the talented dogs that perform at fairs and festivals its clear that large dog clothing is needed as well as that for small dogs. Big dog apparel should be sturdy as well as stylish. Big dog costumes should be made with safety in mind, including flame resistant if theres any chance of your big dog being near fire with the costume on. There are other reasons to seek big dog clothes for your larger canine. For example, if you move or visit a much colder area your Doberman or Dalmatian may be much more .fortable with large dog sweaters or a variety of large dog coats to help keep the chill off. Big dogs with short hair can still suffer in the cold especially if not adjusted to it. A large dog with thin hair and skin has no natural protection from the cold. Big dog shirts may also help these dogs by preventing sunburn in the summer sun. For the feminine large dog theres big dog dresses that leave no doubt your dog is all girl. A large dog dress might also be needed to include your big dog or service dog in a wedding while adding a festive touch to the occasion. Ok so you are browsing a site and you can see uses for these things but shoes? Isnt that carrying it too far? Not necessarily! Shoes for big dogs can protect their feet when walking on hot summer sidewalks and asphalt. For the more adventurous off road dog boots or shoes for big dogs protect from painful injuries to the pads of the feet from sharp rocks or thorns. From large dog shirts to other big dog apparel there is big dog clothing both from a just for fun standpoint as well as a serious welfare side. This can be especially true for large dogs that can be overlooked until too late. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: