Choose A Grand Canyon Airplane Tour Of The West Or South Rim

Aviation You have a couple of options when it .es to taking tours on Grand Canyon airplanes. You can fly out of Vegas or out of Tusayan, Arizona where the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, or GCN, is located. Tusayan is just outside the main gates of the South Rim and only 10 minutes from Grand Canyon Village. The city of your departure and your budget will pretty much determine which air tour you will choose. Grand Canyon Airplane Tours From Vegas The flight to the West Rim only takes about half an hour. Along the way you’ll fly over Hoover Dam and scenic Lake Mead. Depending upon the type of tour you take, your plane will land on the rim of the canyon or just fly over it. The landing tours allow you to explore the rim on foot, or you can hop on a chopper and drop down to the canyon floor and take a smooth-water raft ride on the river. When you take a landing flight, you can also add on VIP access to the thrilling Grand Canyon Skywalk. You can also fly to the South Rim from Las Vegas. In fact, some of the most popular Vegas tours are the ones that fly to the South Rim. The flight there takes under 60 minutes. You can also go by bus, but that takes 5 hours. These tours include a 2-hour bus tour inside the National Park. You can also upgrade your tour to include a helicopter ride along the Grand Canyon that goes from rim to rim. Flights Out Of Tusayan The main air tour here is a 50-minute flight that visits the South Rim, the North Rim and the Park’s eastern boundary. By the time the tour’s finished, passengers have seen nearly all of the entire National Park! Another option for a South Rim tour is a smooth water floating tour of the Colorado River. These flights take off daily from GCN. The plane takes you to Page, Arizona where you can enjoy a thrilling 4×4 tour of Antelope Canyon. You will see many amazing formations, including slot canyons, before being taken to Glen Canyon Dam. That’s where you’ll hop into your motorized pontoon raft (it holds up to 19 passengers). You’ll float down the calm waters of the Colorado River until you arrive at historic Lee’s Ferry. The raft only covers calm, smooth waters so kids as young as four can .e along. Booking And Discounts These air tours are incredibly popular, and I urge you to book at least a week ahead of time. You don’t want to miss out on a fun trip by waiting too late to get your seats. Plus, when you book early, you have more choices in tours and flight times. You’ll get the best price on your tour by booking online, and it is more convenient too. Don’t buy your seats at a street kiosk or hotel concierge. You will also pay more when buying from online brokers such as Priceline, Expedia, or Orbitz. You will get the lowest price when you buy direct from the tour operator on their official website. Wrapping Up I hope this info helps you choose an air tour of the Grand Canyon . Before you do anything, decide on your departure point and which rim you want to see. Then, decide whether you want a landing tour or an air-only flight. Finally, buy your tickets early and get them from the tour operator’s website. When you .plete your transaction on their website, you get to use their low Inter. discount rate! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: