Chongqing, a woman killed in a live broadcast of a friend killed in a timely manner WeChat rescue

A woman in Chongqing, WeChat, a friend of a friend killed in a timely manner to save the alarm on the evening of September 18th, members of the public to play WeChat before bedtime, a friend sent a picture of the wrist suicide, let her hair. She immediately called, but no one answered. Ms. Chen suspected suicide behavior at home, Ms. Zhang immediately call 110 for help. Around 8:40 in the evening, Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau police station received a report after the police, the police immediately rushed to the the Yanghe River Road, a District 18 floor, Ms. Chen’s doorstep. That identity, police propaganda, knock on the door, the house has no answer. Chen may really be worried about the danger, the police immediately contact the master unlock, and tried to enter Ms. Chen’s home in a variety of ways. A few minutes later, Ms. Chen dragged the limp body to open the door, then fell to the ground, unconsciousness. There are obvious cut marks only her right wrist, blood on the ground. Police immediately rushed to call 120, and made a simple bandage for chen. Late 9:15, 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, and Ms. Chen rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. At this point, Ms. Zhang also rushed to the scene of the police, and escort ms.. It is understood that Ms. Chen, 33 years old, this time because of all aspects of work, life, unsatisfactory, resulting in a bad mood. On the spur of the moment, it chose to commit suicide. Fortunately, according to the wrist in a timely manner to be friends found that this will pull her back from the dead line. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Zihan相关的主题文章: