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Chinese manned space Haoxiliantai day boat ready again about "heaven" – Beijing, researchers in the examination of space material preparation "one day boat" in the test in Beijing time 13:59 on November 18th, the "eleven gods" spacecraft landing in a predetermined region of Aki Guro prairie the main landing field is located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Siziwangqi province. Astronaut Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong returned safely. In the past 33 days, the "eleven gods" and "Tiangong two" to carry out docking experiments at the same height and the future of the space station’s orbit, rapid maneuver control experiments for the space station astronauts completed Chinese Aerospace Pathfinder; the history of the most long time space resides, successfully carried out a series of scientific experiments, refresh a Chinese manned space record. However, in China’s manned space three step strategy, the flight is only the second stage of the second step. Before and after 2022, the three step strategic objectives will be fully realized. The smooth implementation of rich harvest since 7:30 on October 17th the "eleven gods" carrying astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong launched in November 18th to 13:59 return capsule landed smoothly, the manned space mission of the 33 days to complete China Aerospace history most long time space resides, and created a record: the most load experiment project, for the first time to carry out the world speaking of science lessons, with first space interactive experiment, for the first time and remote medical assistance. Wang Zhaoyao, director of the manned space engineering office, said, can be used to prepare, implement smoothly, harvest rich, these 12 words to evaluate this task. During the flight, the two astronauts in orbit normal work and life, to carry out research on the physiological effects of microgravity, human-computer collaborative maintenance and a series of scientific experiments and technological test, the successful release of concomitant satellite and the combination of film culture of higher plants, GRB polarization detection, space atomic clock, new material preparation experiment the project also obtained abundant data and preliminary results. It is worth mentioning that the mission design space equipped with middle school students of Hongkong sericulture, water film reaction and double pendulum experiment 3 experiments have achieved good results: 6 space sericulture test, silkworms, 5 smooth cocoons; water membrane reaction experiment also successfully produced films; double pendulum experiment the crew also completed the motion image. Wang Zhaoyao said that the successful completion of the task, the task must again Chinese manned space flight, a complete period for manned missions painting space laboratory stage, create a very favorable situation for a comprehensive victory space laboratory stage, further laid a solid foundation to build space station operations, there will be boost China into the space station era. The day boat ready to "heaven" about the "eleven gods" return, "Tiangong two" space laboratory into independent flight phase, space applications will continue to carry out the payload on orbit testing and scientific experiments and exploration, scientific equipment parameters of fine tuning, open calibration equipment and synchronous earth observation exhibition at the same time observation, in-depth analysis of scientific experiments and survey data, carry out.相关的主题文章: