Cheng Yi incarnation reporter to Ang Lee for advice praised heroism forehead-midd-885

Cheng Yi incarnation reporter to Ang Lee for being praised the heroic spirit of Sina entertainment Ang Lee forehead with his new Shanghai propaganda, is recording a large original campus documentary reality show "the first grade · graduation season" served as captain of the Cheng Yi Cobain students had the opportunity to meet and interact with the director Oscar Ang Lee, to Ang Lee for performing experience, others envy. Ang Lee won the Oscar Oscar as the only Chinese director, not only in the circle of Chinese famous in Hollywood also has great appeal. The Cheng Yi "as the first grade · graduation season" on behalf of the students, to get close with director Ang Lee for the opportunity to show, and won the praise for director Ang Lee, the rise of the young actor Cheng Yi is very valuable to encourage. Cheng Yi to director Ang Lee himself, asked the director to wait for your first impression. Director Ang Lee said after looking at Cheng Yi said: "Cheng Yi’s eyes is very pure, brow reveal a heroic spirit." Cheng Yi to director Ang Lee harvest director Ang Lee open for advice, director Ang Lee said: "no matter is the director or actor is good, the most important is to focus attention, show works out, the audience can feel." The exchange of learning process of precious, Cheng Yi by himself in the first grade "·" as captain in the graduation season; for example, to program director Ang Lee for "tactical" problem, Ang Lee gives advice, consideration should be given to team overall quality, and to their own film actor selection as an example, if a group of people running, first to the end point is far away from the back of the people, we will blame him. Because he only cares about himself, forget the team behind." The exchange of learning for young actors into Yi is a big event to benefit. Asked about the first met director Ang Lee’s feelings, Chengyi undisguised admiration, hope to have the opportunity to participate in the filming of Ang Lee’s works. And bluntly said: if you can have the honor to play Ang Lee’s work is the dream of every actor, I hope that through their own efforts to have the opportunity to participate in the work of director Ang Lee." Cheng Yi as the whole Chinese only a young actor to obtain director Ang Lee personally teach acting experience and get the opportunity, Ang Lee praised the Hunan satellite TV "every Saturday, looking forward to the first grade · more wonderful performance in the graduation season". (commissioning editor: Bunny)相关的主题文章: