Chen Zhiwen beware of sell gold and silver recovery, crude oil rebound short constant nrf905

Chen Zhiwen: beware of sell gold and silver recovery, crude oil rebound short unchanged Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The festival has been brilliant prospects, you may be hard to find a reason to convince myself to give up the past, learned a lot of things still do not deal with a lot of teachers still don’t understand why is a loss. 2/3 a year has passed, the article analysis yesterday has also explained the relationship between the strategic direction and pace, gold is so capricious fell to $1309, hitting a recent low, is gradually on the near $1303, a lot of people no longer doubt below the possibility of $1300 here, I just want to remind you, don’t chase empty, pulled up short, such as yesterday, us in 1326 and 1319 in the vicinity of 1310 short stop, again near 1309 rose to $1321, to $1321 after the market pulled down, if you are short in the vicinity of 1315 or lower position after air is very painful, these are the natural reaction before the Fed meeting, the technology of pressure caused by the broken line, the success of gold into a new target, now the price at $1300, for I Who must be careful, is ultimately to below $1300, and in the vicinity of $1300, especially in the next week the upcoming fed meeting on the occasion, beware of rebounded bottom confirmed weekly winding configuration. Gold prices yesterday closed at $1316, to close out a line, the price extension, forming a line winding down, and low short-term trend, close to the near $1303, in this case blocked will gradually downward, an estimated $1309 will be below, it is difficult to determine how much space below, I only know the price below $1309 and may even fall below $1302 to create a short-term low pulled up, due to the uncertainty below, in this case, the transaction is the best choice to give up chasing empty, because the weekly price extension and the monthly winding end, the market eventually fell below $1300 after a rebound is below. This is likely to be a positive stimulus fed meeting the September rate hike is very low, a good short-term callback rebound to the pressure region, in which the above 13 $22, $1328 to $1335, once again pulled up, pulled up these can only use the news this week, another line closing, next week will be breaking lows, after the move, stand on the weekly after considering future Powei, the formation of long-term pattern of decline, attention near $1322 pressure days, concern below around 1309 support, continue to rebound to high altitude. Strong dollar and direction uncertain, resulting in 4000 near the recent silver prices continue to test the bottom of the silver is stronger than gold, for example, yesterday fell to $18.70 to stabilize gradually pulled on pressure around the $19 price pressure area, again not an easy job to do the upside, but because of相关的主题文章: