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CCTV financial channel "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" auditions start – Finance – ShangHai Railway Station Beijing on 30 September, CCTV "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" auditions ShangHai Railway Station activities in the afternoon of September 29th officially launched the Huangpu River, which also marks the first domestic large-scale Youth Entrepreneurship Program — "open class entrepreneurial heroes meeting" in Shanghai for the first time to carry out auditions, to build up a new platform for communication, display and financing for Shanghai innovation and entrepreneurship. By the end of 2014 founded "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, at present every Friday night in two sets of CCTV financial channel; brand show 60 minutes of this file, based on the venture investment and financing matchmaking. As of August 2016, a total of more than 240 entrepreneurs in the program in the middle of the road, where the project was intended to finance 135, the cumulative amount of nearly $700 million financing. Legend Holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of New Oriental Group, chairman of the board of directors of the company, chairman of the board of directors, such as millet, and many of the top domestic investors are invited to serve as the judges of the program, such as, chairman of the board of directors of the company, such as. It is reported that this event by CCTV financial channel, Oriental net, Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center Co sponsored, Oriental creative network, Heiner hundred record contractors, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee support. At the launch ceremony held this afternoon, CCTV financial channel "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" producer Yan Qiong, Oriental Network Editor Xu Shiping, President of the Shanghai municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau Employment Promotion Center Director Zhang Dezhi, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Municipal Committee Wang Yu jointly opened the curtain activities. Auditions start from September 29th to early November will end, top 100 outstanding entrepreneurs from the contestants were selected "Shanghai entrepreneurial hero 100", from the semi-finals and the final selected 6-8 outstanding entrepreneurs as "Shanghai entrepreneur of the year hero", after training in the CCTV "roadshow entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program in financing. According to organizers, the contest will give full play to "cross platform, financial media" advantage, through Shanghai two urban employment promotion center and the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels, extensive mining of social innovation and entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship projects; who has clear financing intention, in the A round of financing before the Shanghai venture companies can through the "Oriental culture a network", "Heiner hundred record" WeChat public number and Oriental online activities official website entries. At the same time, the audition also fully integrate CCTV, Oriental, Oriental and other forms of media headlines, linkage television website and mobile terminal, broadcast, outdoor, parks and other platforms for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects set up strong roadshow display channels and influence matrix. At the launching ceremony, a "hero, hero list" as the theme of the salon forum, Shanghai entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial opportunities for in-depth, vivid communication. The forum guests of the Chinese cultural industry investment fund director Xie, send huge investment group co chairman and CEO Ni Cantor Fitzgerald first Shanghai cultural, business person of the year, Joel media founder Wang Yijin also hired as the judges of the event. Volcano stone capital founder Zhang Suyang and Shanghai the most representative of the investment, and is a founding member of the will is "Shanghai accent" business names)相关的主题文章: