CBRC to strengthen the supervision of Ningbo banking regulatory bureau deputy director jailed for po magicq

CBRC to strengthen the supervision and restriction of Ningbo banking regulatory bureau deputy director for Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! CBRC: strictly from the rectification strengthen power supervision of Ningbo banking regulatory bureau deputy director Shimou the use of his office, for the benefit of the relevant units and individuals, illegally accepting bribes totaling 103.63 yuan. CBRC party give Shimou expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment. According to the judicial process, Ningbo City Intermediate People’s court sentenced to 8 years in prison for a period of up to 10 years, confiscation of property of RMB 100 thousand yuan, the illegal income shall be confiscated. This is the central bank to implement the requirements of the central inspection and rectification, strengthen supervision and control of a microcosm. The use of regulatory powers to seek private interests reflect many problems. There are weak links in the regulation of financial institutions, some institutional problems." This is in February this year, the central twelfth inspection teams feedback to the CBRC Party committee pointed out that one of the key issues. For the problems found in the inspection, the CBRC Party committee listened carefully, in-depth analysis of the root causes of the problem, firmly grasp the rectification. Adhere to the legislative reform. The party will vigorously promote the supervision according to law, transferred 63 backbone to form 15 supervision and inspection group units dispatched to the system of centralized supervision and rectification work, the disposal of clues. Guangdong Shaoguan branch banking firm and former party secretary Lumou of spouses and children of the monopoly of the local loan collateral assessment of business problems, give Lumou removal from party posts, administrative demotion; in November 20, 2015, the CBRC informed the centralized Banking Association party secretary, party secretary, director of the Liaoning banking regulatory bureau, Nanyang Banking Bureau original Henan party secretary and other 4 disciplinary cases…… And just means, truss system cage, the implementation of public supervision, improve the ability of financial services in the real economy is the fundamental objective. The CBRC to investigate the problem at the same time, the risks of in-depth Mopai, revise and improve the agencies and departments of the power list, a list of responsibilities, constraint list, the supervision power into the cage system, establish and perfect the system of cadre management supervision mechanism, to prevent the breach of privilege, public and private rights, from the source of the risk prevention and control. China Banking Regulatory Commission from the system construction, institutional mechanisms, procedures and procedures for the construction of the team and other areas to investigate potential risk points, to do early detection of various risks, early response, early disposal. Issued opinions on Further Strengthening the risk supervision of trust companies, and urge the company to further strengthen the risk management system, improve regulatory effectiveness. Promote decentralization, put the tube combination function transformation. In 2014 will be approved by the State Council administrative examination and approval system reform office of the 12 items of approval on the basis of the abolition of the 3, in February 2016, further canceled the 1 administrative examination and approval. Proceed to develop the China Banking Regulatory Commission market access assessment program, will be carried out after the market access this year to assess the work, to ensure that the examination and approval authority put down, well managed. Strengthen the supervision and restriction of power. The introduction of a number of new content covers market access, on-site inspection相关的主题文章: