Catfish Zhejiang Jiangxi Hunan ravaged Zhejiang affected population over 1 million 180 thousand –

"Catfish" Zhejiang Jiangxi Hunan ravaged Zhejiang affected population over 1 million 180 thousand – Beijing, Xinhua news agency in Beijing in September 29, nearly two days, "catfish" raging Zhejiang Jiangxi and Hunan provinces, Zhejiang affected population of over 1 million 180 thousand, 431 of Jiangxi’s 47 counties station heavy rain. According to the Zhejiang provincial Civil Affairs Department of the latest news, as of 29 May 17, by the strong typhoon "catfish" affected, the affected population in Zhejiang province has reached 1 million 186 thousand people, 236 thousand people evacuated. Collapsed houses 333 rooms. Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs disaster relief department director Chen Chuan, Zhejiang Wenzhou Pingyang County, Wencheng County and other places affected particularly serious. After the disaster, Pingyang civil defense volunteer rescue team, the Yueqing blue rescue team, Wenzhou rescue team, Jinhua Zhongyuan Pujiang Association Board Outdoor rescue teams 35 social forces consisting of the rescue team, quickly put the rescue. 29 days 5 when, in the typhoon "catfish" center moved to Ruijin city in Jiangxi province. Under its influence, 7 to 29 days, Jiangxi province a total of 2 stations appear heavy rain, 431 counties 47 stations in the torrential rain, which Yihuang County of Fuzhou city should be square station 277.5 mm maximum; the province’s 8 counties appear above 9 winds, 20 counties and 8 winds, maximum wind speed in Jiujiang Mount Lu 24.4 meters per second. According to the Jiangxi provincial headquarters preliminary statistics, as of 29 May 8, "heavy rainfall triggered catfish" has caused Qianshan County of Shangrao City, emergency transfer of the masses 382 people, Fuzhou City, Yihuang County, Ganzhou City, the transfer of 301 people, 66 people transferred Shicheng county. At present, the relevant departments have not yet received reports of casualties. Jiangxi province Fangzong asked the province’s flood control departments at all levels for 24 hours of uninterrupted inspections, focus on strengthening the work of geological hazards prevention, safety precautions, key tourist scenic ponds and water conservancy projects in the construction of the safety of the flood season. The "catfish" influence, Hunan usher in a wide range of temperature and rainfall weather, Changsha, Yueyang, Yiyang and Zhuzhou issued gale and rainstorm weather warning. Meteorological Department expects the next two days, Eastern and northeastern Hunan local heavy rain, the National Day holiday of stormy weather. Reporters learned from the Hunan Provincial Meteorological Observatory, affected by cold air and rainfall, the province’s temperature fell significantly, 28, the province’s average maximum temperature fell to 24.8 degrees, compared with the overall decline of 5.1 degrees C. Changsha, Yiyang, Yueyang, Changde, Shaoshan, Chenzhou and other places also windy weather, the local wind speed of 17 meters per second, of which Changde was once a 21 meters per second wind. Hunan Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted the recent low temperatures, most areas will appear "cold dew wind", the need to strengthen the prevention of the adverse impact on Rice Flowering, southern hunan. (reporter Yu Wan, Zhou Nan, and Wu Zhonghao)相关的主题文章: