Capital suit! The constant big city tour create new era Beijing Holiday

Capital suit! A trip to the city ring Beijing constant big holiday new era population of more than 20 million international metropolis. At the same time, traffic congestion, air pollution and a series of urban disease has also highlighted. Thus in the bustling city to find a place to live, more and more people to pursue. Compared to in Hainan, Yunnan, the capital of the people, can in the fragmented time to find a suitable venue for leisure in the suburbs of Beijing, weekdays and family spend their leisure time, is also quite comfortable. People living in Beijing, began eyeing the regional tourist products. In this market demand, more and more housing prices began to seize market share, however, a single product, the problem of shortage of facilities also appear. In the face of the theme of the trend of homogeneity of leisure products, at present, there are already a lot of housing prices began to integrate resources, to create a more diversified and intelligent travel holiday products. Leading enterprises Hengda Real Estate Group this time to look to the north, 50 billion yuan to expand the north of Xinjiang, to build an International Resort Resort – Beijing Hengda cultural tourism city (real estate information). The project covers an area of 15000 acres, set the five-star Platinum Hotel cluster, five top spa town, the children of the world water park, the top 17 business clusters supporting the integration, build all-round, full age, all-weather and all luxury carrier class cultural tourism resort, Beijing is a big 50 million artificial paradise. Location 85 scenic spots surrounded by many urban traffic congestion in Beijing City, the natural environment is fragile, so the quality of the environment is the primary factor to build around Beijing area resort real estate. Yanshan City Hengda cultural tourism backed by mountains, land of 235 square kilometers of Guanting lake, Guanting Reservoir known as Gyeonggi pearl "reputation, possession of the wind water nano great resort, surface water mountain wind of gas reservoir, Beijing is supreme Feng shui. The surrounding forest project coverage over 60%, with daily negative oxygen ion is higher than the city 6000 times, the fresh spleen Qin natural health. The project gathered around 85 landscape scenic spot, the Badaling Great Wall, Tianmo tourist area, Yongding River Canyon, the station 11 4A level scenic spots surrounded by many PM2.5 throughout the year is less than 50, flourishing landscape resource gathering, conservation of natural life. Hengda cultural tourism city to gather the most holy fragments between the green mountains and rivers, in the spirit of heaven and earth, the magnificent lake turned into life, to create a real tourist resort real estate. A global super five-star hotel cluster prosperous cultural tourism project in Hengda feast set 35000 square meters of 26000 square meters of European five-star Platinum Hotels, The Tower House Hotel, 8000 square meters, 10000 square meters of World Style Hotel International Conference Center in one, to meet and enjoy vacation, high-end living, exotic experience and other requirements. The international level of one-stop business clusters, a collection of 100 thousand square meters of one-stop shopping center, 20000 square meters of the theme of the world delicacy street and 11 country customs bar street, 17000 square meters of Hengda Television Center, cultural center, top Asian wine culture museum in one, a bustling world, highlighting the world bright. The spa town water park and enjoy the water on the passion of 30000 square meters five top spa town, natural underground springs, national identity.相关的主题文章: