Call of duty 14 exposure American voice strike exposed a variety of new games luonv

"Call of duty 14" exposure? The new game dubbed America recently in addition to a variety of exposure to strike Trump was elected the new president caused countless people in the streets to protest outside the circle in the game, there is another thing, it is the game voice actors because of the treatment of the major game manufacturers and demonstrations. The day before the union official website released the latest list of manufacturers of direct exposure of many unpublished works. The American game dubbing actor the latest game manufacturers: Sledgehammer Games: intelligence and "call of Duty: deadly battle (Call of Duty:Lethal Combat)" EA:X program, code named "Delta", Walrus Yuma, WB Games, Lego Metallica, Sabbath, Zeus, Kraken T2:Dust, Dark Future & Aces High code; Square Enix:Final Fantasy Black. May be the final fantasy 15 code is "call of duty" series by the three major manufacturers of IW, Treryarch, Sledgehammer and Games joint development strategy, according to the manufacturer, "COD14" by Sledgehammer Games to build, so the "call of Duty: deadly battle" should be Sledgehammer Games COD new title, but the title is not clear for the set. Well known game dubbing: Troy Baker, in addition, the list also mentioned the use of QTE to tell the story of the manufacturer’s Telltale Wei plan, the code for the blue harvest, according to the diffuse Wei Galaxy guard to build. (source: ali213 editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: