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Artists Art expresses a .plex amalgamation of feelings for each viewer. Art can be representational, or an abstract or a .bination of both. Ultimately it represents the sub-conscious of the artist, his thoughts and feelings deeply embedded in it; but it can also evoke entirely different feelings for the viewer. There are many kinds of arts co-existing in perfect harmony in the world, and one of the most prominent among them is the visual art of paint on canvas. Dan Cooper and his California Art Prints: Dan (Daniel) Cooper is a modest visual artist and painter from Northern California. Daniels art represents a distinct mathematical symmetry on different paradigms of abstract and representational painting. Cooper, being an Arts Major from Harvard College has excelled in both arts and mathematics. He is also famous for his contributions for Artists in the early days of personal .puters. Daniel Cooper designed .plex programs .bining his knack for mathematics and his love of the visual arts to bring a new type of imagery to different traditional mediums such as painting with silkscreen printings. As a resident of Northern California, Cooper has created a master footprint in California Art Prints for different genres of visual artists in his 30 years of painting .bined. California Landscape Paintings: The Californian redwoods, coasts and golden hills are some of the most mesmerizing creations on earth. So when an artist like Dan Cooper is inspired by such a landscape, what .es together is truly amazing. This exactly what you will find when you view a Daniel Cooper Painting. Cooper spent a great deal of time in the close embrace of this stunning nature in mid-80s. This was the time when Cooper came up with some of his most impressive works displayed at his California Art Prints exhibition. Whether its lush green valley or stunning violet sky or peach cloudsWhether its sparkling snow-capped mountains in Vermont or a simple night street, one can differentiate the intensity and voice resonating out of paintings by Cooper. It is this passion that breathes life through the canvas itself and into anyone viewing his paintings that has led them to be placed among the most highly sought art collectors, Fortune 500 .panys art galleries and museums. Other specialties of Dan Cooper: Daniel is not only a uniquely talented painter, but he is also an avid author with many titles to his credit. In his books, you will not only see images of his painted and sculpted works, but you will also enjoy amazing tales surrounding each picture, event and period of his life. Since the publication of his first book 24 ways to see the light in 1978, Dan has drafted many books on painting, which can be found on renowned book stores. Dan also gets credit for his amazing painted covers of the books, which displays his true interest and specialty. Some of his world-famous books are California Landscape Painting, Paintings of France, Canada Landscape Painting, Paintings and Silk Screen Prints, Figurative Paintings and Early Art, Construction and Studies. Recent perspective: Dan Cooper has resolved to only provide his paintings in true form, or in prints that are of the highest quality available. The digital printing technology named Gicle Prints for amazing and detailed fine art reproduction is the only kind that he will sell, as only prints of this quality can capture the true nature of these works. With amazingly rich colors and fine detail, these prints are created with digital accuracy, which Dan has sometimes even mistaken as the original from afar. Daniel offers exact copies of his original paintings on demand. Though Gicle Prints are more labor intensive and more expensive than the traditional forms of paining reproduction, California Art Prints reproduced with this amazing technology offers finer details and almost similar feel for the reproduced paintings on diverse surfaces. Dan Cooper has acquired a position among the contemporary fine artists with his vivid skills and a perfect blend of technology. His California Art Prints can be finely observed through his web portal. In truest sense, Daniel Cooper has redefined California Art Prints with his insight and involvement in fine arts of this century. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: