By the powerful power of super memory scared They have a high IQ

By the powerful power of super memory scared? Their IQ is high enough to concern the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Zong Yijun because of Hawick Lau and Wang Ou things, big power suddenly became the center of the storm… I want to say today but not their emotional problems, but the large power power in the "real man" in the second quarter of 6 to show their numbers from the flying skills part finally came. Yang Mi high IQ can not only easily and Hin accurate repetition of the questions raised by the instructor, and even professional pronunciation can also remember Rio clear! This amazing memory skill in last Saturday’s "happy camp" has been shown a few, with what the teacher and Nana ratio digital link, compared to what the teacher and Nana two people with a sad face, the large power power really is a face of calm and calm when writing speed is quite fast! But look at the power of the action does not seem to be written in order, it is difficult to have any of the mysterious young’s exclusive memory method? For Yang ah! Yang Mi debut camp is not only fast, the final answer is the correct rate of rio! The two is just a wrong answer and Yang Mi board shortly before the interview on the power of the power, the large power power is easy to recite several other together in the "real man" guest birthday and constellation. Carry out other people’s birthday and constellation although we have marveled at the large power power of this God skill, but a skill that one seems to be some of this skill is a contemptuous disregard God ah, not only do not think this is God skill, also called quirks"! Well, you have a high iq! Yang Mi but your circle, the high IQ of the artist is not a big power one ~ to see so many variety show, the hearts of children who have been the star of the high IQ surprised? Huang Lei to participate in the "extreme challenge" before, people are impressed with his impression of superb technology, as well as the superb acting young artists, Huang Xiaochu. After he took the chicken strips, we only know that the original Huang Xiaochu or "fortune son ah, IQ is not too high! You can seize the fine details of logical reasoning in a short time, and minutes to answer. Huang Lei always can complete the task difficulty at all, with the idea of agile command you how to operate, and then smoothly through the crisis, the brain is really outrageous! So God said heinous brain science program’s operators on appropriate, so in the "gas! To the future ", when xiaosa meets the God operator, in a multiple-choice about" transmitter football could hit hanging sword ", Huang Lei easily gives a clear analysis first, the program group layout props for a long time, if not hit all white busy live! Fortune second, there is a net props beside on the ground and there is a mat, all these protective measures is to fear hit the big screen. Screenshot program even program group mind has completely penetrated up and the teacher can only shouted "change)相关的主题文章: