Buddhism after know what is wrong.-icesword

To know what is wrong after I have been in danger of cliff Vin Gamarupoche with a smell of conduct Buddhist practice, must from in your body, language and mind start. We usually in the mortal world, no matter how contrast and, when faced with the secular daily necessaries, want to keep out of devotion, centrifugal, bodhicitta is very difficult. Even I have often reflect on themselves, and not to a teacher’s standard, you grew up in a world environment to grow up, primary afflictions of envy to you as arrogant homely food is already very accustomed to, and don’t even think it is what is not good, in such a case really, want to reflect on his heart, very not easy. Every time we read the "thirty-five Buddhas repentance ceremony", to speak of sin does not cover, do not hide, do not hide, do not hide, will have to do is to do, past, now, future will do all those sins repent, must have the courage to expose their own shortcomings and faults. The problem is that most of the time, we don’t know we made a mistake. Many lay people have such a feeling: Buddhism, to know what is wrong, I have been in the dangerous cliff. Such as killing, if not the monk who is our discovery, give us a lecture that we do not know the killing is not good, do not know who is equal, is not free to kill. A lot of people grew up in coastal areas by the lake, eating fish, eating shrimp, eating wild animals, for them to think that should be reasonable, and even feel that these animals are born to eat. Artificial breeding, technical training, not to eat it? Therefore, when not rich people, they will think: why only eat Zanba? Kaoshanchishan by water draft, why not eat around the wild animal? Why don’t you eat the fish in the river? These are delicious ah? Because of the desire of the mouth, want other animals precious life, is a lot of people "should be" logical thinking. We Tibetans by Dharma, when just learning to talk, parents is the Buddha mantra: Manjusri Bodhisattva mantra to enhance children’s wisdom, the curse of Avalokiteshvara to cultivate children’s compassion and so on. Family members often tell us: all beings are equal, this is from the lofty thought there was the Great Buddha, whether it is an ant, a fish, even a small mosquito, and all human beings have equal life, hope to get happiness, do not want to suffer. This thought, 2500 years do not know how much to save life, avoid much strife and slaughter, we grew up in the thought of Buddhism, so did not dare to kill. I remember when I was young, the elders will tell us: when eating rice, do not put rice scattered on the ground, so buffalo will cry. In fact, this is the elder a skillful, tell us, from childhood to the heart of Thanksgiving in the face of nature, in the face of all all beings. Before a large part of the population is Tibetan nomadic, if you want to get rid of cattle or sheep, only to food and clothing, in order to survive, devout Buddhist people not to hoard wealth or to meet the mouth to kill. So, we can do Buddhist, eat.相关的主题文章: