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BroadLink push the new concept of intelligent Home Furnishing how to combine artificial intelligence technology? – Sohu in 2013, BroadLink was founded and launched a smart socket and intelligent remote control intelligent Home Furnishing single product, is the first batch of intelligent Home Furnishing products enterprises; in 2014, BroadLink and millet Cooperation (in July of the same year, the two sides part), released the DNA plan, gradually transformed into solutions and platform service providers; at last year’s "Smarter& Together" Theme Conference, CEO Liu Zongru stressed that the development strategy of BroadLink: WiFi module + cloud service +APP package; yesterday, Liu Zongru BroadLink made a small target — let Home Furnishing and a combination of artificial intelligence BroadLink, called IoVT (Internet of Virtual Things) world. This is the development of BroadLink was founded three years, from a single product to ecological to artificial intelligence, regardless of how to BroadLink years of achievements, to any intelligent Home Furnishing enterprises, this is an optimal growth path. The final form of IoT IoVT: "in the networking industry to do, must do some of these things in the future layout, the system is in the virtual world (IoVT) is an artificial intelligence brain control device, instead of App." Liu Zongru said. He is so explained: IoVT is the integration of the physical world and the digital world, the physical world is the real world of our lives, and the Internet or mobile Internet is a virtual world. In Liu Zongru seems, IoT (Internet of things) can be divided into three stages, IoVT is the final form. The first stage is the "IoT era of intelligent hardware, equipment through the network module from the physical world is connected to the digital world, and then return to the physical world, intelligent mobile phone to achieve 1 to 1; the second stage is the" IoT interoperability era ", with more and more equipment category is connected to the digital world, users will need super APP the different categories of different brands of equipment centralized control, interoperability between devices, data, realize the linkage between the control and the control equipment scene; the third stage is the" IoVT virtual world era". Equipment into the digital world will not be directly connected to our smart terminal, they will be in the form of virtual devices to stay in the digital world, virtual devices can be freely combined into a large virtual device. Including, the body can be abstracted into a VT virtual object, we also have their own attributes and parameters, by definition, we can divide the human emotion into the digital world, and in combination with other virtual objects. This is what we are building a virtual world, we believe that this is the future of mankind, but also the future of the Internet of things. The conference, BroadLink released a signal to the outside world, on the!相关的主题文章: