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Mobile-Cell-Phone Truly speaking, it is a bushy season in mobile market. Rolling out are designs galore from the stables of several mobile brands. These new babies are .ing with a dashing look and catchy as well as handy mobile apps. Apart from the billion dollars gorillas in the industry, the relative new.ers are also adding to the apps. Thanks to this grand brand battle, we get to try our fingers on the most matured and polished applications. The online shopping sites offer the best mobiles deals to introduce you to the features and functions of the latest .e-outs. Followings are some wonderful mobile apps which the users, especially the gen Y and business class are going crazy about:- Gaming: Regarding app activity on mobile, game .es first. In fact, mobiles are no longer used only as a medium of .munication; instead they have multipurpose uses nowadays. Every mobile brand in reckoning has its own mass and market. But one point is .mon to all of them, they support the gaming system. The sci-fi game lovers do not need to sit before a .puter, interesting game houses are installed in their handsets. Game is an addictive activity and people of all ages are taking fancy in it. It is also good for time passing or when you feel all on your own. The option of game downloading from other sources is a fascinating feature for the gaming aficionados. A plenty of games such as puzzles, action games, fun games etc. are available on the mobiles. The best mobiles deals are on offer just to tease your trite taste for amazing action and an engaging activity. Social Networking Sites: Needless to say, they are the most popular and widely used apps cutting across the OS platforms. Facebook scores high on the scale of popularity. Inclusion of the social networking sties into the handsets has much to do with the growth in the mobile industry. The fact that 37% of the US social media users do social networking via their handsets (According to the report of State of the Media: Social Media Report Q3) is a convincing stats of the popularity of the new-age mobile apps. Since the third quarter of 2010, the social networking app usage is picking up in popularity by leaps and bounds. 47% of the survey participants are reported to have social networking facility on their mobile phones. Weather Forecasting Apps: Much to your surprise, weather forecasting apps are only second to game as far as favorite mobile activities are concerned. The mobile users like to keep a tab on the weather change always. Recently, the wildest weather is playing ducks and drakes with human life and physical asset. As the climate is going extreme, people are cautious about getting the in-detail weather report at their finger tips now and always. The installation of the 4G .work system on mobile devices is finding favor with the handset users. Avail the best mobile deals and stay ahead of the wacky weather. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: