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Beijing – VIDEO – Typhoon AERE brings heavy rainfall caused by Fujian Putian houses flooded trapped Typhoon AERE bring heavy rainfall caused Fujian Putian houses flooded trapped [comment] by Typhoon "Aere" trough effect, in October 8th, Fujian local heavy rain. 8 am, Fujian meteorological observatory issued a rainstorm warning in the south central coastal areas". In the afternoon, Fujian province Hanjiang District of Putian City, heavy rain, rainfall duration up to 4 hours, more than 100 mm of rainfall, many sections of the water into the river, the west village Wu Tang town of Hanjiang District most severely affected. 6 pm, in the West Village, a large area of Village Housing flooded 1 meters high, the water is flowing. Rescue workers in good safety protection, carry lifejackets, safety rope and other equipment is composed of 2 groups of search and rescue group to the old house village housing area is old in search and rescue, search and rescue process, there are a number of people were rushing torrent trapped unable to escape, rescue workers trapped masses by evacuation assistance, and one arm to the shore, sent to the safety zone. In the evacuation of dozens of villagers after the rescue, rescue workers heard the village road at the end of several families for help, including a 91 year old action inconvenience due to trapped at home, this time the water is still rising, to the old man and nanny after consultation, rescue workers for the elderly to wear a life jacket, transfer it to safety. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted by the typhoon "Aere" continued, 9, southern Fujian has moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Lin Tengpeng, Putian, Fujian, reported by,相关的主题文章: