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Beijing City upgrade issued a "yellow warning of heavy pollution of air – environmental protection – original title: Beijing City upgrade release of heavy air pollution yellow warning in October 14, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Ni Yuanjin) Beijing heavy air pollution emergency headquarters office at 15:30 on the 14 the current heavy air pollution blue warning" to the yellow warning level, prompted the general public good health protection. Is a weak cold air 16 days in Beijing and gradually reduce the pollution. Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center said, according to the latest forecast, the North China area affected by adverse weather conditions, the pollutant diffusion conditions, 15 days of air quality in Beijing city will continue to maintain the "5 level of severe pollution state, is expected to 16 days of evening, weak cold air, the air quality will be gradually improved. According to the emergency plan, "during a yellow warning of heavy pollution of air," the requirements of the relevant units to strengthen the construction site dust control, the city stopped earthworks, construction and dismantling operations, increase the focus on road sweeping and cleaning strength, strengthen law enforcement efforts to open burning and burning of straw. Beijing heavy air pollution emergency headquarters office 13 at the time of 16 issued a heavy air pollution blue warning". (commissioning editor: Zhu Chuange, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: