Beijing spring and summer Peace Action 25 thousand cases of criminal cases – China Network iptd-651

Beijing "spring green action" broken 25 thousand criminal cases since the new network in Washington (reporter Enron) in April 21st to the end of August, Beijing police "during the 2016 spring and summer peace action, cracked criminal cases of various types of more than 2.5, criminal detention of more than 1.2 people. The city’s 110 criminal, order police sentiment fell by 13.6% and respectively, and 18.3%. City Public Security Bureau police said yesterday, the total eradication of the more than and 90 criminal gangs, end off 6 pengci gang and 16 pseudo base station, broadcasting black dens. According to statistics, "spring green action", eight kinds of serious harm to public safety criminal cases including murder, arson, robbery, police detection of more than 1900, the detection rate was 74.3%, since 2000 the best level in the same period. Usurpation case detection of more than 1.8, including robbery and theft cases rose by 12.9%, a decline of 36% telecommunications network fraud cases. For the public is very concerned about prostitution, gambling, theft and sale of car, bicycle, hospital No. traffickers and other key alarm, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and comprehensive management, transportation, urban management and other units to carry out joint enforcement, illegal gambling, Huang has destroyed more than 1800 criminal gangs, and hospital No. traffickers of about 550 people, illegal tour more than 6500 people, more than 1300 people on tour. During the burglary cases fell 8.5%, the punishment of all types of traffic violations rose 24%. Relying on the regional police cooperation mechanism, the Beijing 56 ring outside security checkpoints were examined in Beijing nearly 9 million 300 thousand vehicles, seized various types of criminal suspects more than 1500 employees. J060相关的主题文章: