Beijing, a plaintiff in the lawsuit to provide false evidence by the court 10 thousand-freelander2

Beijing plaintiffs in the lawsuit to provide false evidence by the court punished 10 thousand new network in Beijing Xinhua News Agency September 30th news (reporter Xiong Lin) due to traffic accident liability disputes to the court proceedings, the plaintiff in the lawsuit to the court has submitted false evidence. The 30 reporters from Beijing Shijingshan District City People’s court was informed that the plaintiff, the court according to the legal provisions of the act of perjury to a fine of 10 thousand yuan. The plaintiff Yang ride vehicle rub accident on the highway, Yang get off to transfer to a safe location, in the transfer process, Yang was an electronic technology limited company drivers dimou driving motor vehicle injured. Identified by the traffic administrative department of the public security, dimou bear full responsibility for the accident. Dimou driving the vehicle in a property insurance Limited by Share Ltd Beijing Shijingshan branch insured motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance and commercial third party insurance 500 thousand yuan. Judicial appraisal, Yang injuries constitute ten disability due to compensation issues unsuccessful negotiations, so Yang sued to the court, the three defendants jointly and severally compensate for the loss of a total of more than 17 yuan. During the trial, the plaintiff Yang Kang’s daughter in order to get more compensation, forged a labor contract, lost income proof evidence, and provide evidence to the contrary in the insurance company, the plaintiff continued to fabricate facts. Finally, the court initiated the judicial investigation process, the judge went to Changchun to conduct an investigation to find out the plaintiff Yang female ginger provide false evidence of the facts. In September 30th, the court on the case for sentencing, in the judgment of traffic accident liability at the same time, the court on the basis of the "PRC Civil Procedure Law" the relevant provisions of ginger somewhere with a fine of 10 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: