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"Beautiful tonight" Weiyang launch Li Xinai is crazy about Luo Jin SM – Sohu "beautiful" entertainment Weiyang Li Xinai stills plays Li Changle Lee heart AI Sohu entertainment TV drama "beautiful Weiyang" landing Beijing satellite TV and Oriental TV tonight. The play by the Shanghai film, Feng Jing Hatton media, Leroy Entertainment Co produced, directed by renowned director Li Huizhu, Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xinai and other power idol actor starred in costume epic legend. Li Xinai plays Li Changle on a subtly malicious female, chase love SM tour. Li Xinai and Tang Yanming infighting and intrigues the drama about the heart in the aftermath of the country after the subjugation of the princess’s misfortune, a strange combination of circumstances as Li Weiyang (played by Tang Yan), back to the palace and the enemy Shang conspiracy stories. Li Xinai plays Li Weiyang’s sister Li Changle, because the two people you g, Li Weiyang from that day’s Li Changle Shangshu, decided to put to death, and with its parent cloud soft plots together to harm Li Weiyang, but Lee Weiyang repeated every help, but Li Changle is almost punished because of its subtle riposte. Li Xin Ai Li Changle said frankly: "actually not really is the kind of love and hate she subtly malicious, outspoken girl, love with vigour and vitality, hate thoroughly. Li Changle doesn’t love people, will pick out the rival." Love is a Li Xinai crazy busy fall only sigh, love reading room. As Lijia miss Li Changle, has been on Huang Changsun Tuoba Jun (played by Luo Jin) love, hope and he tied the knot. But Lee Weiyang appeared with special respect Tuoba Jun, this let Li Changle have a sense of crisis, she wanted this was beyond the trend since her sister disappeared! Those who want to rob me, one will not have a good end." Li Changle at all costs for the love of their own, but the heart of the people had already taken Tuoba Jun. When she finally and beloved people bend over backwards to get married, but found only by A.相关的主题文章: