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"Battle of Yichang" launched Lei Tong perfect interpretation of ACE female agents – Sohu entertainment Lei Tong as Lei Tong charged Jiang Meiyun telegraph Sohu entertainment news recently, by the CPC Yichang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Hubei radio and television, film and television of Hubei Changjiang Huasheng limited liability company and other units jointly produced many anti Japanese epic drama "battle of Yichang" today 19:30 will be in the Nanjing TV news channel boutique theater broadcast. The show by the famous producer Meng Fanyao served as production, directed by famous director Lei Tong, Qi Star, Jordan Chan, Xu Jia, and the strength of the actors starring, Lei Tong plays the female lead in the play "Jiang Meiyun", the premiere of the Kuomintang juntong agent, to disguise their identity "sister" spies, gradually infiltrate enemy. "Battle of Yichang" in 1938, the Kuomintang secret agent Lei Tong Premiere of the famous Yichang retreat to the beginning of the story, to the success of the 1943 battle for the end of pai. Such a story originated in the history of the war epic in reality, China to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, is an unnoticed talent shine. In this play, Lei Tong played the juntong agent Jiang Meiyun, the "sister" identity disguised himself as a spy, gradually infiltrate enemy. Lei Tong is the woman sports vigorous upright, and Sichuan beauty intelligent soft; can carry guns like men in general and in the battlefield sword, lumpy spy war drama wonderful spy spy uncovered. Lei Tong hid the burst point flying desperately carelessly scraped knees palm it is understood that the "battle of Yichang" shooting the scene, the burst point play, play run continuously, Lei Tong repeatedly injured during filming. There is a running play, Lei Tong knocked on the bamboo raft, scraped his hands and knees, the wound for a week without touching the water. In an interview with reporters, but Lei Tong is very calm, "played for so many years of the war drama, the burst point, gun play is actually already used, the first contact was really scared, but I always try to comfort myself, not so much coincidence, to overcome the psychological obstacles. In fact, the injury is very normal for the actors, I think in a timely manner to deal with the wound bandage, do not drag the whole crew on the hind legs." In the TV series "sword", Lei Tong plays the wife of Li Yunlong Tian Yu, the natural simplicity, high performance impressed the audience. No matter is the ancient costume beauty, or spy elite, or the safflower, Lei Tong can penetrating interpretation. Users are also looking forward to the broadcast drama.   相关的主题文章: