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Careers-Employment 1. BANGLADESH ARTICLE SUBMISSION TIPS ARE SIMILER TO DEVELOPED COUNTRIES LIKE USA, CANADA, UK ETC: The reason of writing Bangladesh Article Submission Tips instead of general article submission tips, is the difference between article submitters in Bangladesh and those of developed countries, like USA (United States of America, Canada, UK, (United Kingdom), Singapore etc. Now you can ask me, what are the difference between submitters in Bangladesh and developed countries? Well, it is a good question. The major differences are: weakness in Bangladesh .munication or professional English: The English is not native language of Bangladeshi people. It is their second language. Although there are people who are very good at English but they are not from native English country. An example is India. Indians people are good at English, even after it is their second language, because India is a very big country and there are people of many languages, into a single country. A language of a part of India is not understandable by the people of other part of the country. They .municate between them by a .mon language English. Thus they be.e good at English. But for Bangladesh it is different. All people in Bangladesh speak in a single language Bengali. So they do not need another language to .municate among themselves. 2. Love to the language for that people sacrificed lives: Another reason of weakness in English of Bangladeshi people is their strong love to their own language. Bengali is the language of Bangladeshi people. It is the only language of the world for which the people sacrificed their lives. Once, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India were into a single country. Then India was separated from Pakistan while Bangladesh was into Pakistan known as East Pakistan. The other part of Pakistan was known as West Pakistan. Pakistan government wanted to make Urdu mother language all over Pakistan. East Pakistan did not agree to leave Bengali and sacrificed their lives for their mother language. This is the reason that United Nation declared the international language day to the day when people sacrificed their lives. 3. Lack of experiences in inter. marketing: Lack of experience in inter. marketing is another reason of difference between Bangladesh Article Marketing tips and that of developed countries that was caused by difference between Article submitter in Bangladesh and that of developed countries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: