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August Beijing rental monthly rent price of 4762 yuan sets – Real Estate – People’s original title: Beijing in August, the average monthly rental price of rent for the $4762 graduation season has passed, summer rental heat is gradually cooling. From Albert I love my home group Market Research Institute statistics show that in 2016 August, Beijing housing rental market trading volume over the same period in July 6.8% decline; the monthly rental price of 4762 yuan, and in July was flat. Beijing rental market from the beginning of April, after three consecutive months of volume and price rose, the overall market trend in August to cool down. In terms of regional distribution, the most popular area is still along the North Fifth Ring, the top five are Beiyuan, Huilongguan, and Huoying, the Lishui bridge, the Huoying area is also the first to enter the Beijing rental hot area before five. In the apartment layout, one bedroom rental market in Beijing in August, accounting for 30.8%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points, the average transaction price of 4285 yuan, up 2.1%; two rooms for 46.4%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points, the average price of 5036 yuan, down 0.9%; three and above accounted for 22.8%, the average price of 4849 yuan, a decline of 0.2%. Liangju, Sanju and above the average rent apartment layout to fall. The age structure, August, reach a lease transactions through the I love my family in the crowd, 43.2% is 80, affordable rental price 4563 yuan; 28.2% is 90, affordable rental price 3823 yuan; 19.1% is 70, affordable rental price 5705 yuan; other accounted for 9.5% bear, the average price of 5302 yuan set. From the beginning of May, Beijing rental market accounted for more than 90 people at first and then decreased with the end of August, college graduates accounted for more than 90 after the peak of the rent, back to 3 as the following; 80 accounted for a rise after the first drop, housing is still the first adult group. Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis, with the focus on college graduates in July released a large number of rental demand, traditional summer rental peak is gradually faded, housing demand began to decrease, leasing transaction volume gradually shrinking, ease the pressure of supply and demand, but also makes the rent lost momentum continues to rise, as in July the average rent rent, check up. In addition, since July, prices remained stable overall, to some extent eased the owners rent impulse. Hu Jinghui said that after the Spring Festival and the summer graduation season has always been the peak season of the Beijing rental market, during the peak season volume and price rose; the two season, the rental market will generally enter the relatively low season. From the current market situation, with the end of the summer graduation season rental peak, after the main rental crowd summer graduation guest group decreased, the overall decline in trading volume, the number of times, customer search listings are see a decline in market demand is weakening, customers consider more, the transaction cycle, Beijing rental market is gradually into the off-season. And the price, with the supply and demand contradictions eased, the rent continued to lose momentum, September相关的主题文章: