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Communications Recently, PGi launched its latest conferencing solution, GlobalMeet 2.0. PGi GlobalMeet 2.0 tightly integrates conventional web and audio conferencing into one comprehensive solution that requires no software downloads and provides a robust set of features, including: Automatic dial-out to participants from Mac, PC and iPhone As an upgraded and more powerful version of the original, PGi’s GlobalMeet 2.0 also offers features that have been upgraded and new, flexible pricing options to provide effective and cost-efficient audio and web conferencing to companies of all types and sizes around the globe. In addition to the launch, PGi also released a GlobalMeet app in Apple’s iTunes store. PGi’s GlobalMeet app is the earliest in a forthcoming collection of mobile applications that were created to make the service available on any device, on the go or in-house, whenever the need arises. PGi founder, CEO and chairman, Boland T. Jones, indicated that GlobalMeet was designed to "work the way real people do," claiming that it is the solution to previous web conferencing issues. Jones also stated that both he and his company are sincerely thrilled by the "early market response,” and added, "PGi is changing the game again with GlobalMeet 2.0," by providing a simple, user-friendly experience and price that is unparalleled in the industry. GlobalMeet offers both bundled and unbundled web and audio conferencing plans, with pricing starting at less than $30 per month. Still wondering what GlobalMeet 2.0 can do for your business? Aside from the obvious savings of time and money and a smaller carbon footprint that result by employing an audio or web conferencing service , PGi’s GlobalMeet solution helps you strengthen the bond between your team and your geographically dispersed customers and staff while increasing business productivity levels. Think an audio or web conferencing solution, such as GlobalMeet, might be the right fit for your business? Give one of our skilled, professional account managers a call today and let us help you find the ideal conferencing solution for your unique business! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: