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Mobil-.puting Windows customers don’t need to hide in shame whenever they see somebody whip out a MacBook oxygen on the neighborhood Starbucks. The ASUS Zenbook UX31 is normally a slim, stylish Ultrabook that not merely packs a robust middle i5 processor and 128GB SSD into its 3-pound unibody aluminum chassis, but a high-res 1600 x 900 show and superb audio. The super-thin pc also wakes up from relaxation almost as shortly when you lift the spun-metal lid. starting at $1,099, the UX31 is among the the sexiest house windows notebooks we’ve actually seen, also it fees $200 much less .pared to 13-inch MacBook Air. evaluate on to can be found throughout out if this products can consider straight down the champ. It’s way as well straightforward to dismiss Ultrabooks as MacBook oxygen wannabes. And yet, although the UX31 adds just enough pizazz to make certain that you’d by no signifies mistake it for Apple’s wafer-thin lappie, it could possibly be probably the most Air-inspired contender we’ve observed so far. Mostly, it’s that all-metal build, spacious, buttonless trackpad and razor-thin silhouette that whittles straight down to some severely sharp edges. In fact, whenever you possess a gander at our .parison gallery straight down there, you’ll see additional of the similarity in between the oxygen and UX31 .pared to S3, which tapers, but within of a much less pronounced way. Still, although they’re the two swaddled in aluminum, the 2.9-pound UX31 feels denser .pared to 2.96-pound Air. (The S3 weighs a smidge more, at three pounds, but we couldn’t for the existence of us inform the variance when we held that in one hand as well as the UX3 inside the other.) Now that we’ve acknowledged that fruity 800-pound Gorilla inside the room, we just need to say… the UX31 is stunning in person. right here at Engadget, we see additional products and .panies within of a day than we have time to evaluation and in general, it behooves us to think about a detached, almost clinical method to managing gadgets, lest we get distracted over the toys piled considerable on our desks. using the UX31, though, we couldn’t help but really feel struck over the tremendous craftsmanship. It just feels like an exceptionally solid, well-made product. The dim gray, material lid carries a pattern of etched concentric sectors that lends it a modern, .mercial look, backed up with a brushed aluminum deck and smooth material keys. Even the bezel feels tough, although the lid is markedly sturdier .pared to S3’s. The Zenbook UX31 carries a chiclet-style keyboard that shares the rectangular tile layout in the MacBook oxygen 13-inch, but adds a brand brand new luxurious element with material keys. although the keys possess the identical minimal height and shallow keystrokes since the MacBook Air, the backlight is sadly absent. The glass-topped touchpad is smooth and expansive, measuring 5 inches diagonally. The broad touch surface area facilitates multitouch gestures, and although it has unique exact and left .puter mouse buttons, it also skills a clickpad. The bottom exact and left cornerswhich serve as almost silent .puter mouse buttonsclick additional simply .pared to clickpad surface, making the use in the clickpad optional for all those people that want the additional .mon knowledge of the traditional trackpad. The concern concerning the UX31’s material keys could possibly be the reality which they eventually glance very much better than they feel. Now it’s true, this keyboard is as sturdy since it seems, as well as the keys possess a not-too-slippery finish off that feels just exact below the fingers. They even create a quiet, low-pitched appear — often a marker of appear build quality. And yet, we didn’t do our finest typing here. such as the S3’s keys, these just don’t have enough travel. As we typed, the keys ordinarily failed to register our presses if we moved as well quickly or dug our fingers in as well lightly. We produced fewer mistakes when we produced a concerted work to press keys firmly earlier to shifting on, but what experienced touch typist desires to make an make an effort to do that? We slugged through, eventually typing the bulk with this evaluation on it, but man, do we make loads of spelling mistakes — ironic, within of a way, granted how the Enter, Backspace and exact Shift keys are all amply sized. (Tab, Caps Lock, left Shift and arrow keys are tiny, but for what ever aim we found out this layout much less cramped .pared to S3’s.) You can’t see the speakers inside the UX31, but they make their presence felt. Audio, by Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower and ASUS SonicMaster, radiates from beneath the keyboard, and is also not merely surprisingly loud, but relatively splendid contemplating the limitations in the UX31’s size. The cymbals and guitar riffs inside the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s "Y Control" experienced been relatively zero worth of distortion even at max volume. Bass wasn’t overwhelming, but was present. Curiously, the speakers would take concerning the whole deck to reverberate, especially on thumping dance tracks, for example September’s "Cry For You" and LMFAO’s "Party Rock Anthem." Overall, the UX31 provides additional robust appear .pared to 13-inch Air. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: